Whatever you may read about We Share Abundance, I implore you to put that aside and check out this review and find out if it’s a scam.

Hint: We Share Abundance is very similar to one Ponzi scam that I’ve joined (and lost money) in the past. 

I know that members are proclaiming that it is a legit program because they are seeing earnings in the dashboard. 

Some even successfully made withdrawals, thus further legitimizing the program. But what if, it is a Ponzi time bomb that’s waiting to explode? 

Read on as I make my case.

What Is We Share Abundance?

Name:  We Share Abundance

Founder: Graham Frame

Website: weshareabundance.com

Cost: From $2

Rating: 1/10

We Share Abundance positioned itself as a non-profit charitable organization. It harps on the story of how it’s creating a community based on the WESA token. 

The website states how its allocation part of the token for charitable causes, like providing clean water and bringing children to Disneyland.

Now, that’s pretty noble. However, the website conveniently left out information on how We Share Abundance is going to generate profit to fulfill those objectives.

Perhaps, such questions are best left to its founder, Graham Frame.

We Share Abundance is a pretty new investment opportunity, with the domain being registered in late 2019. 

However, Graham Frames’ involvement in similar programs can be traced to a shady program in 2013, SimpleFastCash.

What Does We Share Abundance Offer?

We Share Abundance does not offer retail products or services. All you’ll for signing up is the opportunity to invest in one of the 6 pools that provide guaranteed returns. 

The investments are made in the WESA token. The returns are paid to your USD wallet, which is later transferred to the WESA wallet at the end of the month. You’ll only receive payments in USD when you make a withdrawal. 

The program uses the term ‘Stake’ rather than investment. Regardless of the terms, the primary offering of We Share Abundance is these Pool Stakes.:

  • Pool 1: Invest $2 of WESA Token and earn $0.10 daily.
  • Pool 2: Invest $3 of WESA Token and earn $0.25 daily. 
  • Pool 3: Invest $5 of WESA Token and earn $0.50 daily.
  • Pool 4: Invest $10 of WESA Token and earn $1.00 daily.
  • Pool 5: Invest $20 of WESA Token and earn $2.00 daily.
  • Pool 6: Invest $60 of WESA Token and earn $5.00 daily.

There’s a catch in receiving the earning. You have to log in each day to receive the earning. Also, you’ll need to read all the messages in your account for the earning to be transferred in full form USD to the WESA wallet.

Else, you may have partial or none of the earnings transferred to the WESA wallet. In other words, if you don’t read the messages, you risk losing the money that you’ve invested. 

We Share Abundance MLM Opportunity

Like many such programs, We Share Abundance has an MLM program, which rewards members for signing up new recruits.

There are a few ways where you can make money with its MLM program.

1. Personal Sponsor

You’ll get paid a 10% commission of up to 2 levels when your downline invests in We Share Abundance. 

2. Power Of One Commission

If you can recruit at least one member who invests in Pool 1 within the month of joining, you’ll earn a special Power Of One commission. The commission starts at 10% for the first month, and 50% in subsequent months. This special commission is capped at 30%. 

You can double the rate if any of the recruits invest in Pool 6 within the month of joining.

3. Residual Commission

We Share Abundance provides vague information of residual commission but it is known that the program operates on a 5×5 matrix. 

Investors are automatically placed in a random position in the matrix. No information is found on the residual commission rates.

What I Like About We Share Abundance

I once joined a similar program and lost all the money I’ve invested when it goes bust. So, I can’t say that I have any love for We Share Abundance. 

Things I Dislike

1. Misleading Claims On NOT Being A Ponzi Scheme

According to its FAQ page, We Share Abundance claims that it is neither a Ponzi, HYIP, or Pyramid Scheme. It makes the claim on the basis that it doesn’t require any payments from members to generate disbursements.

This, of course, is false in many ways.

First, a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme is a program that pays existing investors from the profits made by new investors. We Share Abundance does not offer retail products or services, which means its revenue is based on the recruitment.

Thus, We Share Abundance is a Ponzi a.k.a Pyramid scheme. 

Secondly, it claims that it generates disbursement without requiring payments, which is false. While it’s possible to sign up for the program for free and enjoy a meager $0.01 daily earning, you’ll need to be a paying member before you can make a withdrawal. 

Here’s Something Better

2. Guaranteed Return

The investment pools are offering a 5% guaranteed return. It is what HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is all about.

Also, no legit investment opportunities will offer a guaranteed return. All legit investment has a certain degree of risk and even the most seasoned investors sometimes make losses. 

If an investment sounds too good to be true, you ought to question if it is a scam or an opportunity.

3. Fake Review

Graham Frame created We Share Abundance. Yet, in TrustPilot, he was writing as if he’s stumbled upon the program.

4. Withdrawal Limits

You can’t withdraw all your earning from your account. This is pretty much stated in its FAQ.

The program is now making it harder for withdrawals by delaying KYC verification. This is a common tactic employed by Ponzi when it has difficulty paying out the member’s earnings.

5. Owner With A Checkered Past

This isn’t the first Ponzi scheme that Graham Frame started and I suspect it will be the last. I wouldn’t trust my money to an owner who’s operated similar failed programs in the past. 

Is We Share Abundance A Scam?

Now, if I state the We Share Abundance is a scam, lots of members making money from the program will jump at my throat and insisting that it’s legit.

Well, I was in a few such similar programs in the past, and things look rosy when you’re earning and withdrawing successfully.

The fact is, a program can still be a scam even if you’re earning right now. It’s only when the money got stuck that people start crying ‘scam’.

By then, it’s already too late

Well, if you’re still insisting on dumping your money at We Share Abundance, good luck, and thanks for making it so far.

Anyway, I wouldn’t change my opinion that it is a Ponzi Scheme like Tiki Profit  and Qtrex.

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