If you’ve just received a QTrex invitation, and you’ll like a second opinion, you’ve come to the right page. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get clarity on whether QTrex is a scam (or a golden MLM opportunity).

So, let’s get started.

What Is Qtrex?

  • Name: Qtrex
  • Founder: Not stated
  • Website: qtrex.io
  • Cost: $33 + Package ($50 –  $50,000)
  • Rating: 1/10

Qtrex markets itself as a “100% Decentralized Bitcoin Matrix & Unilevel Opportunity”. In other words, it’s trying to project itself as a Bitcoin MLM program. 

However, it doesn’t offer details on what products or services that you’ll enjoy when signing up for Qtrex. That’s because it has neither. 

Qtrex doesn’t even bother to pretend that it’s offering Bitcoin mining services, like Mining City. Or some cryptocurrency education like other programs. 

There isn’t any information on who’s the owner of Qtrex. The domain Qtrex.io, was registered in June 2020, which means it’s a pretty new setup.

(Or an incarnation of a busted Ponzi scheme).

What Do You Get From Qtrex?

QTrex doesn’t pretend to offer any sort of products or services. So, expect none when you created an account. 

If you created one, you’ll be brought to the dashboard, where you’ll need to pay $33 worth of Bitcoin to proceed.

Once you’ve paid the $33 of TREX fee, you’ll get to choose one of the 12 packages.

  • Q1 – $50
  • Q2 – $75
  • Q3 – $125
  • Q4 – $250
  • Q5 – $500
  • Q6 – $750
  • Q7 – $1000
  • Q8 – $2000
  • Q9 – $5000
  • Q10 – $10,000
  • Q11 – $20,000
  • Q12 – $50,000

Qtrex isn’t even an investment opportunity, because buying the package doesn’t assure you of any returns.

You may still make some money by chance with the ‘spillover effect’. But the only way to make serious money from Qtrex is to promote the program to others.

The program has an MLM structure, where a member earns commission when he/she brings in a new paying member.

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How Do You Make Money With Qtrex

Once you’ve bought into any of the packages, you’re officially qualified to earn a 50% commission from sales of Qtrex package.

Qtrex offers two ways of earning.

1. Recruitment commission

You’ll earn 50% of the fees paid by new recruits. However, the 3rd and 10th commissions goes to your upline.

2. Cycler Commission

Qtrex also operates on a 1×3 cycle. There are 3 spots to fill, and 50% in commission from the first and second spot goes to you. The final spot’s commission goes to your upline and also upgrades your membership tier. 

What I Like About Qtrex?

Absolutely nothing. I mean, it’s not even pretending to be a legit MLM.

What I Dislike

1. Lack Of Information

There isn’t any detail on who’s operating Qtrex. If it’s operating as an MLM organization, it should be legally registered in its local country.

But no.

All you’ll get are vague information like ‘a group of crypto developers’, which could be literally anyone or no one.

2. Obvious Pyramid Scheme

According to FTC, “The promoters of a pyramid scheme may try to recruit you with pitches about what you’ll earn.”

Make no mistake, Qtrex is a pyramid scheme that doesn’t even bother to pretend otherwise. It offers no tangible products or services.

Heck, there isn’t even the slighted mockup ‘e-books’ on cryptocurrency for its members. The only earning opportunity is to make money by recruitment.

If this isn’t a Ponzi/Pyramid, I don’t know what is. 

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3. It’s unsustainable

Pyramid scheme offers no retail value. The entire earning model is based on the recruitment. As long as new members are signing up, you’ll make some earning.

However, the program will breakdown when recruitment dwindles. When the number of new recruits decreases, it will have difficulty paying the uplines.

That’s when you’ll start getting excuses and delay in payment. Often, the fall of a pyramid scheme is swift and brutal.

Is Qtrex A Scam?

There isn’t a doubt that Qtrex is a Ponzi scam in plain sight.

It’s a money game that’s played in Bitcoin. The program uses terms like ‘smart-contract’ and ‘decentralization’ to confuse people who are not familiar with crypto or the make money online industry.

As the program is quite new, there could be members who are getting their payout, and proudly proclaim that Qtrex isn’t a scam.

It doesn’t matter if a program is paying you now or not.

If it’s paying you from the pocket of others, without offering and retail value, it is a scam. Qtrex is no different than other Ponzi scams like Forsage and Mind Capital.

You’ll want to avoid Ponzi at all costs. That’s because such programs have a very short lifespan. Often, they go bust in a few months and if you’re lucky, a couple of years. 

I’m speaking as someone who had bought into this get-rich-quick hype which turns out to be a no-good Ponzi scheme.

The frustration of losing hard-earned money in such scams is real.

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