Welcome to OutrankLab, a site I created to share helpful tips, and experience for fellow freelance writers.

Here’s My Story

I’m Kenny Lee, a freelance writer, affiliate marketer, and a personal development enthusiast.

I’ve been self-employed for at least 10 years and to be frank, I never imagined making this far.

Anyone who tells you that freelancing is easy is lying or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

I spent 6 years running a small business in electronics design. In 2016, I make a decision in leaving my profession of almost a decade and establish myself as a writer.

There were circumstances that lead to that, but it was a painful and difficult process.

Anyway, here I am, earning a full-time income from writing, both actively and passively(more on this later). This allows me the flexibility to work from home and spend more time with my son.

Why I Wanted To Help You

Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, the marketplace is super competitive. And with the world getting more interconnected than ever, you find yourself facing stiff competitions from various countries.

It’s a cutthroat competition.

To thrive, you have no choice but to edge your competition, hence the name of the website, OutrankLab.

You could be sending out dozens of bids to potential jobs and all you get is the silence as clients simply prefer other candidates. You could blame it on the lack of experience, but seriously, that’s a lame excuse.

There’s also the issue of getting your price squeezed to nothingness just because you’re desperate for landing a contract. That’s the worst of all heartaches of being a freelance writer.

I read that freelancer is the worse profession to be in. Well, whoever said that spoke the truth. I wanted to help you change all that, just as I’m doing for my own.

And when you’re juggling projects and parenting, you’ll realize that you have to sacrifice one for the other at certain moments. There was once my child was constantly unwell for the most part of the year, and I couldn’t take on enough projects to pay the bill.

Yes, that hurts financially and it’s tough to deal with the stress that comes with it.

That made me certain than ever that I need a safety net, so I could enjoy freelancing instead of stressing myself out when there are emergencies.

Ultimately, I wanted to stop trading time for money ultimately and I believe you would love to do the same. It’s great to be a top-rated freelancer who has a steady stream of passive income.

Without constant worries, you’ll be able to produce your best works. You’ll be delighting your clients instead of worrying about bills to pay.

I know how tough it is. I’ve gone through it and I’m hoping to help you to do the same.

OutrankLab’s Goals

There are two things that you could expect from OutrankLab

  • Helping you to launch your career as a freelance writer, or thrive if you’re already one.
  • Providing all the information you need to start generating online passive income.

You can expect in-depth content from OutrankLab as I continue to build this into a valuable resource for fellow freelance writers.

If you’re stuck with your freelance career or need to further tips in generating online passive income, leave me a comment below.


Kenny Lee