Reading this review could spare you the heartbreak of joining Tiki Profit. That’s because joining a scam-disguised investment opportunity is likely to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Been there, done that and so, here it goes with this no-holds-barred review about Tiki Profit.

What Is Tiki Profit?

  • Name: Tiki Profit
  • Owner: Undisclosed
  • Website:
  • Price: Investment from $20 to $10,000 (Paid in Bitcoin)
  • OutrankLab Rating: 1/10

The site itself carries a tropical vibe with badly-written English. You’ll catch words like ‘passive income’, ‘big bucks’ and ‘hourly payouts’.

Unless you’ve experienced HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) MLM sites like this, you’ll be wondering what Tiki Profit is all about.

A visit to its ‘TIKI PAYS’ page and you’ll have a better idea what the site offers. Apparently, Tiki Pay is positioning itself as an passive income generator where profits from crypto trading are distributed to its premium members.

The idea is that Tiki Profit will be doing the tough work of trading and you’ll be getting the payouts without doing anything.

Well, that wouldn’t be exactly true. You’ll need to deposit a minimum of $20 worth of Bitcoin and you’ll start earning. Tiki Profit promises 140% of ROI after 21.6 days.

Or 6.48% per day.

There are no information provided on who’s running TikiProfit, which is a huge red flag for a program like this.

What Do You Get From Joining Tiki Profit?

Everyone is free to be a member of Tiki Profit. There’s a single form that you can sign up in an instance.

Once you’re a member, you have the opportunity to buy into the package that makes you an investor. The minimum is $20 and the maximum amount you can invest is $10,000.

The package comes with 3,000 banner and text ads, and perhaps a patch-up site like Tiki Profit itself.

That’s as simple as it is to start earning the promised daily passive income by Tiki Profit.

If you feel like promoting Tiki Profit (which I won’t), it also offers a 3-tier affiliate commission. This means you can earn commission even if you’re not buying any of its ads packages.

  • 7% for 1st Level.
  • 3% for 2nd Level.
  • 2% for 3rd Level.

Tiki Profit has an pyramid commission structure that is commonly seen in many other MLMs.

On it’s FAQ page, Tiki Profit promises easy withdrawals.

However, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re having issues getting payouts as programs like Tiki Profit can get into a serious cash flow issues in the short term. (more on this later).

Is Tiki Profit A Scam? Watch Out For These Red Flags

Tiki Profit reeks scam. It screams sign up and say goodbye to your money. Here’s why.

#Red Flag 1: No Information On The Founder

The site has no information on who’s operating Tiki Profit. If you’re investing thousands of dollars on a program, you’ll like to know who’s behind the scene.

Tiki Profit offers none and that makes it very suspicious.

#Red Flag 2: No Valuable Products

Tiki Profit is a Ponzi scheme that operates on the pretext on selling ads to its members. This is an old trick for such deceptive programs to stay ‘legal’.

But the thing is, a Ponzi scheme is illegal to operate, regardless of what disguise they are putting over.

There are no information about where the ads are served. Who are the target audiences? Will you get quality conversions?

You can’t find any information about the ads because that’s not what Tiki Profit is all about.

The ads are just a guise to the Ponzi scheme that is tricking unsuspecting users of their money.

#Red Flag 3: Questionable ROI

A 140% return in 21 days? Seriously?

Look, I may not be a cryptotrader, but it isn’t hard to find an expert who’s actively trading. Seasoned traders average 40% – 50% per year and even they are bound to make losses.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that consistent 140% return in 3 weeks, is an unrealistic figure.

The only way to do that is to pay the returns with the deposits made by new members, which is what Tiki Profit is all about. In other word, Tiki Profit is an outright Ponzi scheme.

#Red Flag 4: Withdrawal May Not Be As Easy As Claimed

If all you’ve everything’s claimed by Tiki Profit’s FAQ page, you’re making a big mistake, particularly on withdrawals.

A quick visit to the “Terms” page will give you a very different picture.

It seems that it is mandatory to buy at least one spot before any withdrawals can be made. This means even if you’re promoting Tiki Profit as an affiliate, you’ll need to buy at least one ad package, before you can request a payout.

The last sentence of the notice is a huge giveaway of a Ponzi scam. By stating that it has the right to change the withdrawal policies, you can expect that withdrawals get harder if membership starts dwindling.

#Red Flag 5: Plain Bad English On The Site

This is not about having perfect grammar, but seriously, would you trust a site that’s barely comprehensible with hundreds or thousands of dollars?

I wouldn’t even trust the site to sign up with my email.

I’ve seen many sites that are hastily put up to prey on people looking for quick money. Like any HYIP scams, Tiki Profit is a time bomb waiting to explode.

#Red Flag 6: Not Regulated By Investment Authorities

Tiki Profit claims it made profits by investing in cryptocurrency. Therefore, it must be regulated by the governing bodies where it is operating.

Again, there is no information that suggests that Tiki Profit is a secure and regulated investment platform. Without these assurances, your deposits are not protected in any manner.

Verdict: Tiki Profit Is A Ponzi Scam

Tiki Profit is nothing but a badly-designed Ponzi scheme. It is a scam that is tricking members of their money. These programs usually have a short life span.

Judging by how the site was registered in 2018, I’ll say that it wouldn’t be long before it starts having issues with cash flow. That’s when payouts are capped or more procedures are introduced to make withdrawals difficult.

Stop wasting time and money on programs like Tiki Profit.

If you’re serious in generating passive income on the internet, I’ll suggest getting into a legit program like this. It doesn’t cost you anything to get started.