Health-based MLM seems to be growing in numbers. If you’ve got an invite by one that’s called Vivri, you’ll want to read this review. It addresses your questions and concerns, particularly if Vivri is legit or a scam.

What Is Vivri?

  • Name: Vivri
  • Website:
  • Owners: Daniel Chavez Saul
  • Price: $339 – $1599
  • Rating: 2/10

Vivri is one of the many nutrition companies that comes with an MLM opportunity. It’s founded in 2017 by Daniel Chavez Saul, who according to the website, was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He was also a strategic consultant for Mc Kinsey & Company. 

There is little information on Mr. Saul’s involvement in other MLM companies, which brings the question of whether Vivri will be a roaring success. 

The company’s website is professionally done, with vibrant marketing visuals of its products taking the centre stage. Vivri is also actively promoting MLM opportunities for individuals who wish to be enrolled as its distributor, or LIV.

What Does Vivri Offer?

Vivri’s main product seems to be essential nutrition. It has 3 different blends of drinks the name of Shake Me!, Power Me! and Cleanse Me! It’s doing a great job in highlighting the benefits of its nutritional drinks, including showcasing the certifications for each. 

The company also offers skincare, essential oil, and other lifestyle products. It seems the products are geared towards promoting intermittent fasting.

When assessing an MLM, you’ll want to find out the price range of the products. That’s because the pricing strategy will affect the conversion rate. Price the products too expensive and you’ll have a hard time promoting them to the public.

Fortunately, Vivri’s product is priced at what I believe a reasonable rate. Its flagship Power Me is sold at $21.99 for 10 servings. That’s the rate that you’ll get for competitors selling on Amazon. 

Overall, Vivri has a balanced range of products that can be promoted to a target group. 

How To Earn With Vivri

Vivri has a rather comprehensive MLM program that you can join and earn as an Independent Vivri Leader or LIV. 

There’s a hierarchy that separates the ranks of the LIV and earning limits. New enrollments will start as a Consultant and work their way up to a DDH Club. 

Here’s the full list of the LIV ranks:

  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Advisor
  • Ambassador
  • Director’s Club
  • President’s Club
  • Founder’s Club
  • DH Club
  • DDH Club

The difference between the ranks is striking. A consultant is only capable of earning 10% from the immediate downline and does not enjoy any other bonuses. Meanwhile, a DDH-Club ranked LIV will get a total of 50% residual commission across 9 levels and is privileged to other bonuses.

All ranks need to maintain a minimum of 60PV of autoship or 76PV every 15 days. 

Here are the basic ways of earning with Vivri. 

Immediate Sales

For every product you promote to others, you’ll enjoy a 37% commission from the retail price. You’ll be able to earn the immediate commission from the Consultant rank.

Besides selling product, you’re also eligible for earning when you recruit a new LIV. You’ll earn 50% of the BV of the training kit, which is quite a considerable sum. 

The cheapest training kit costs $339 (160BV) while the most expensive is priced at $1,599 (800BV). Selling a 160BV training kit will earn you $80. 

You’ll also earn residual commissions from up to 5 levels for recruitment.

It’s evident that promoting the training kit for the sake of recruitment is more lucrative than selling the retail products. This is a major problem, which I’ll explain later.

Residual Commission

The key to massive growth in earning with Livri lies in building a multi-tiered team and moving up the rank.

As you move up o a higher rank, you’ll unlock additional levels of residual commissions that range between 5% to 10% per tier. You can potentially earn up to 50% residual commissions across 9 levels of downlines.


Higher ranks of Diamond Heart (DH) and above qualify for special bonuses such as DHGPl and generational royalties. The rewards are in the form of trips, gifts and cash bonuses.

Top performers and higher ranks LIV are also lavished with special ‘lifestyle trips’. 

What I Like About Vivri

1. It’s Selling Real Products

The good news about Vivri is, there are real products to sell. You don’t have to pretend to sell an ‘investment opportunity’ like many of the scams out there. Vivri has a solid range of nutritional, skin care, and other lifestyle products, which can be easily promoted to the public. 

2. Transparent Information

Vivri is not shrouded in secrecy, particularly on its founder. It’s open on who the founder is and that lends confidence that the business is legit. You’ll never want to enrol in a program where the founder of the management team is unknown.

Things I Dislike

1. Expensive MLM Enrollment

While Vivri’s products are priced modestly, the same cannot be said on its MLM enrollment training kit. At the very least, you’ll have to fork out $339 just to be a LIV. Add 60PV of autoship each month into the sum and you’ll forking out over a thousand dollars a year.

Don’t even get me started on the Imperial Business Pro enrollment kit, which costs a whopping $1599.99.

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2. More Rewarding To Promote Recruitment

You make 37% from product sales, which are humbly priced. The most expensive product bundles you’ll find in the store costs $264. 

However, you earn around 25% from recruitment, which costs at least $339. 

It’s easier to make more money promoting the Vivri opportunity itself than selling its products. The lucrative reward for recruitment may motivate LIV to strictly focus on selling the enrollment kits.

If the company’s revenue largely depends on recruitment, then Vivri becomes more of a Pyramid scheme than an MLM. 

4. Potentially Doubtful Product Quality

 When you bring the numbers together, the cost of Vivri’s product is likely to be less than 50% of its retailed price. At least half of the profit goes to compensate a LIV and its uplines. This brings to the question of whether Livri is able to source premium ingredients for its products as it claims.

Usually, MLM products are priced much higher than direct retailers as MLM companies need to pay off the various commissions and bonuses.

5. You’re Very Likely To Lose Money

Let’s get the maths done

You pay $339 to become a LIV.

How many packages of Power Me do you need to sell to recoup your investment. A single set of Power Me costs $21.99, which gives you $8.13 in commission.

As an individual, you’ll need to 42 Power Me pack to recoup your cost. That’s not including the monthly auto-ship you need to commit to remaining an active LIV. 

It’s not easy to sell dozens of products when you’re new to the business. Realistically, you’re more likely to be on the red than making profits for the first 12 months in business.

Worst case, you’ll join 99% of MLM members who eventually lose money.

Here’s Something Better

Is Vivri A Scam?

I wouldn’t call Vivri an outright scam. It has retail products and is using an MLM structure to fuel its marketing effort.

However, I feel it isn’t as solid as Shaklee or Juuva, which place more focus on retail sales. 

With such an expensive enrollment fee and the lucrative earnings that come with enrolling new members, it’s easy for Vivri to slide into the chasm of the Pyramid scheme.

Based on what I’ve observed, I can’t recommend Vivri as a good opportunity. If you’re keen on MLM, there are better alternatives like Elepreneurs and TS-Life.

Else, you could consider affiliate marketing, where you don’t have to be concerned about fulfillment, support or recruitment.

Affiliate marketing is what you ought to do if you truly want to enjoy hassle-free online passive income. 

I’ve been running affiliate marketing businesses in various niches for years. You can do the same if you’re armed with the right skillsets.

Here’s the best place to start. And it doesn’t cost you $339.