With people being more health-conscious, MLMs that promote nutrition and other health products seem to be popping up at an unprecedented rate. 

If you’ve ever got an invite from Juuva, I bet you’ll be questioning if it is, by any chance, a scam? 

You can’t be too careful these days as there are hundreds of scams cloaked in an MLM structure to trick unsuspecting takers. 

What Is Juuva?

  • Name: Juuva
  • Founder: Grant Pace & Frankie Kiow
  • Website: juuva.com
  • Cost: Starting from 140PV + $35 Enrollment Fee 
  • Rating: 5/10

Juuva is a US-based MLM health company that started business in 2013. It’s helmed by Grant Pace and Frankie Kiow, both veterans in the direct sale industry. Grant brought him 25 years of industry experience, including serving as a president in Shaklee and Nu Skin. 

Meanwhile, Frankie’s 31 years of stint in various Asia direct sales organizations lend credibility to Juuva. Juuva is currently active in the US, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and a handful of countries in Latin America. 

Juuva is placing slightly more focus on empowering its distributors rather than showcasing the products. This is a worrying aspect, which I’ll explain why later. 

What Does Juuva Offer?

Nutritional supplement is no doubt a lucrative business and Juuva has a good range of offering on its own. Its ‘innovative’ products boast stylish packaging and branded with targetted health benefits.

These are the core products offered by Juuva

  • Galaxy – Fruity liquid supplement to boost the immune system. 
  • Live – Nutritional food made of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.  
  • Truesilvr- Nano-silver solution that boosts immunity. 
  • Megalean – Low-calorie, keto-friendly meal replacement for those on a diet. 
  • NutraHG – Hemp-based supplement for stress relief.
  • Rejuv  – A blend of adaptogenic herbs and natural caffeine for the extra energy boost.
  • Zing – Energy drink alternative made with ashwagandha, guarana extract, and Panax ginseng.
  • Biointense – Skincare product made with natural ingredients.

Despite having these products showcased on its website, you can’t buy any of them online. Any purchases will be referred to a distributor unless you’re one. The prices of the products are also not shown on the website.

However, you can get a list of the product price, if you attempt to enroll as a distributor. The NutraHG, a hemp-based supplement, is priced at $95.

It’s way pricier than other relatable hemp supplements from online retailers. But that’s to be expected for a business that runs on an MLM model, as a large portion of the profit goes to compensate the multiple tiers of distributors. 

How Do You Make Money With Juuva? 

Juuva promises a transformational compensation plan for distributors signing up for its MLM program. 

You earn a retail profit when you buy a product at wholesale price and sell it at the retail price to the customers.

However, the real earning potential lies in climbing the ranks at Juuva.

While it doesn’t make its compensation public, at least not when it comes to the commission rates, ranks and bonuses, you can still find a copy on the internet.

Juuva runs a binary-unilevel MLM structure. Upon enrolling, you’ll be assigned to the Basic, Advanced, or Professional tier based on your spending PV value. 

You’re then qualified to earn residual commission of 9%, 10%, or 11% and capped at $500, $750, and $1,000 weekly for each tier. 

If you want to increase the earning caps or enjoy a higher commission rate, you’ll need to scale up the ranks. The same applies if you want to increase the tier of matching leadership bonuses.

The ranks start with Platinum, which requires a distributor to maintain a personal monthly 70 PV value and a team PV value of 2500. The highest rank in Juuva is Triple Crown, where you’ll need to maintain 210 personal PV and 640,000 monthly PV. 

It’s also worth noting that Juuva distributors also earn from recruitment. Bringing in an Advanced recruit will land you $50, while you’ll get paid $100 for signing up a Professional-tier member.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Prepare to fork out at least $200 if you’ll want to sign up as a Juuva distributor. You’ll need to purchase at least 140PV worth of products, and that’ll set you back around $165. Another $35 is paid for the enrollment process.

You’ll need to maintain at least a 70PV a month to keep your distributorship active. It can be tough for new members as it means stocking up products each month even if hardly have any sales. 

What I Like About Juuva

1. It Has Retailable Products

There are actual products that you can sell, which is unlike many scams where you’re recruiting just for the sake of recruitment. Even if the products are a tad expensive, they are well-targeted with their proclaimed health benefits.

If you’re in a circle of health-conscious individuals, there may be some early buyers for some of Juuva supplements. 

2. Transparent Founder Information

When you’re getting into an MLB business, it helps to know who are the founders of the company. Juuva is very transparent as far as the founding team goes. Both Grant and Frankie are respectable names in the MLM industry.

There are risks in any business but knowing that Juuva is helmed by experienced leaders provides a sense of assurance. 

3. It’s Been Operating For Quite A While.

There must be something that Juuva has gotten right for it to be running for 8 years. MLM scams usually don’t last that long. Neither does subpar nutrition supplement businesses. 

Things I Dislike

1. Expensive

Juuva is expensive.

Like, really expensive.

Supplements, particularly those made of natural herbs aren’t exactly cheap, but Juuva’s products make most of its non-MLM competitors seem cheap.

You’ll have a significantly smaller market to sell to with such expensive products. It won’t be an easy task convincing why people ought to choose Juuva’s products over others. 

Also, Juuva’s lack of regulatory certification helps either. It somehow needs to back its health claim one way or another to convince potential buyers.

Joining Juuva as a distributor is also costly. The lowest tier will set you back by $200 and that’s not everyone can afford. It has yet to include the monthly commitment of 70 PV worth of purchases, which amounts close to $1K a year.

If you’re an MLM veteran, you could easily rake up enough sales to cover that. But if you’re a newbie and you need to be prepared for the losses while trying hard to bring in sales.

2. Compensation Plan Not Made Public

Despite having a page on the compensation plan, Juuva never discloses the real deal on its site. When you join an MLM, you’ll want to know what are the commission rates you’ll be earning and how you’ll be earning them. 

Making the document public helps to convince that Juuva really has what it takes to transform their lifestyle financially. 

3. Limited Earning Potential

Juuva has been around for 8 years and every MLM does have some success stories. What’s important is to learn what the majority of the distributors are earning. 

And if Juuva is like any MLM, which it most likely is, the earning potential is dismal. Most members are probably only taking back 3 figures for the entire 12 months. 

FTC has also published a discouraging report highlighting that 99% of MLM members eventually lose money. 

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4. It Places Too Much Focus On Recruitment

There’s nothing wrong with a business adopting the MLM structure as its marketing arm. However, things can go south quickly if there’s a larger incentive on bringing in new recruits for the lucrative commission.

Juuva offers $100 when you recruit a Professional-tier member on top of the retail commission that you make.

The generous recruitment bonus may shift the focus from selling its products to promoting the potential of earning the recruitment commission.

When an MLM business’s revenue is largely dependent on recruitment fees instead of product sales., it becomes a pyramid scheme. Let’s pray that Juuva will not be heading in this direction. 

Is Juuva A Scam?

Despite Juuva charging premium prices for its products and MLM membership, it is not a scam. Like TS-Life and Emris International, Juuva is a perfectly legit opportunity.

If you enjoy making sales pitches and building your team, joining Juuva is not a bad idea. Be prepared to juggle between sales, customer support, and recruitment to stand any chance of being the top earners.

Anything lesser and you could be joining the 99% with only losses to show. 

If you don’t see yourself enjoying network marketing, you’ll want to consider making money with affiliate marketing. I’ve ditched MLM for affiliate marketing, as the latter frees me from the logistic and support.

I now enjoy a stable online income and am not troubled by closing sales or delivering the products. All I do is to send potential customers to the vendors and make a cut from the sales.

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