It never hurts to build a profitable online business. MLMs are propping up all over the internet. TS-Life, being a relatively new MLM opportunity, has definitely caught the attention of many. Yet, is TS-life a legit opportunity? Or is it a scam like many shady MLM programs?

In this review, we’ll play sleuth and take a look at what’s on the table if you’ve signed up for TS-Life. More importantly, you’ll find out if TS-Life is worth your time and money, or is there a better opportunity. 

What Is TS-Life?

  • Name: TS Life
  • Founder: Caius Hale and Jade Coyle.
  • Website:
  • Cost: Not disclosed
  • Rating: 5/10

TS-Life is an Irish-based company that was launched in 2018. It specializes in health-based products, particularly nutrition and beauty. The company was co-founded by Caius Hale and Jade Coyle. Caius, who has prior experience in areas related to the industry is the CEO while Jade took the role of the Corporate Response Manager.

The company’s mission speaks about its aim to produce transformational health products, as well as providing opportunities for families to achieve financial freedom. To do that, TS-Life ensures that its products are thoroughly tested and comply with the relevant EU guidelines.

As for empowering the financial freedom of the community, it has an MLM structure that’s driving the marketing arm of the business.

What Does TS-Life Offer?

TS-Life’s offers nutrition and beauty products. On its website, you’ll find descriptions of the retailed products but no indication of how much they cost. You’ll have to be a registered customer or distributor in order to view the product details, including price. 

Here are the nutrition products offered by TS-Life.

  • Supanova – nutritional beverage made of a blend of natural herbs.
  • Volt – vegetarian capsules to power up your day.
  • Zeto – Night-time supplement capsules.
  • Zone = Nootpropics to enhance cognitive ability.
  • D-Lite –  Vegan meal replacement enhanced with Nootropic Choline.

The company also markets skin-care products like cleansing gel, exfoliating gel, eye serum, face cream, and mask. Apparently, TS-Life’s range of beauty products is infused with CBD. The products are also backed with ‘success stories’ in the form of reviews. 

How Do You Make Money From TS-Life

Besides offering retail products, TS-Life provides an opportunity for the public to participate in its MLM-program. It is unclear how much does it cost to join as an MLM distributor, but you must maintain a minimum of 60PV per month to remain active to qualify for leadership rewards.

TS-Life’s MLM membership is separated into ranks as follow:

  • Bright Star
  • Director 
  • 3K Director
  • 6K Executive
  • 10K Diamond
  • 20K Double Diamond
  • 30K Triple Diamond
  • 60K Ruby Diamond
  • 100K Double Ruby Diamond
  • 200K Triple Ruby Diamond
  • 300K Royal Diamond
  • 600K Double Royal Diamond
  • 1Mil Imperial Diamond
  • 2Mil Black Imperial Diamond

Each of the ranks comes with its own qualification and rewards. 

Members can earn from various types of earnings, including

  • Retail bonus – TS-Life offers 50% off the commissionable value of the product as a commission. There are no requirements as a member to earn a retail bonus.
  • Fast-track bonus –  Members can receive a 40% commission when a personally-enrolled member made his/her first purchase.
  • Leadership Earning – Residual commission that you earn from the tiers of referral in your team. 
  • Match Bonus – Matching bonus of up to 55% for 3K Directors and above.
  • Other benefits like the Stretch Bonus and Retail Boost.

It’s worth noting that TS-Life does not offer a recruitment bonus, which is a good point as it tries to prioritize sales of retailable products than recruitment. 

Like any MLM, you’ll make money when you sell the products or build a team that’s good in selling. If you want to be successful, you’ll need a large team that’s awesome at raking in the sales. 

What I Like About TS-Life

1. It Has Retailable Products

TS-Life is as real as it can be when it comes to a legit MLM business. It offers real products where its members could promote and profit from. Many online scams are also leveraging the MLM structure, but they lack tangible products. 

2.  Transparent Corporate Information

The company’s information, including the founder’s, is laid bare for the public. That’s how a legit business operates. Clean and transparent. The founders are real people and they are active on social media. 

3. Generous Retail Bonus

With a 50% commission from retail sales, TS-Life enables distributors to earn a decent income without overly-focusing on recruitment. The trick is, you have to be a star in selling. 

Things I Dislike

1. It’s A Very Competitive Niche

The health industry is pretty saturated and it’s hard to make your mark in the market. Many MLM members would start with their circle of friends and family. Once that’s exhausted it’s hard to find the much-needed breakthrough.

To make things worse, new health products are flooding the market every now and then. Companies that do not operate on MLM usually have a price advantage. Without the need to compensate multi-tiers of members, the products are often more competitively-priced.

Here’s Something Better

2. You Still Need To Recruit To Make More Money

Kudo’s to TS-Life for focusing on retail sales. Yet, if you want to make it big in the MLM industry, recruitment is mandatory. If you wanted to enjoy the additional bonus, you’ll need to build your team and ensure that it’s equally good in recruitment and sales.

Building a synergized network of referrals is harder than it seems. If you’re not comfortable in network marketing, you’ll find your earnings plateauing at TS-Life.

3. Most MLM Member Eventually Lose Money.

According to a study by FTC, 99% of MLM members eventually lose money. This is the reality as very few members would make it to the top ranks of the compensation structure. When you’re stuck at the bottom ranks, you’ll need to spend the effort to build the network and promote the products. 

Besides that, you’ll need to maintain the minimum sales required each month to remain an active member. You’ll lose out on the bonuses if you fail to do that.

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Verdict: Is TS-Life A Scam?

No. TS-Life is not a scam. 

Just like Shaklee and Elepreneurs, it is a legit MLM opportunity in the health industry. You can be successful by promoting TS-Life’s products, although it isn’t a walk in the park. 

If you’re an extrovert and don’t mind pitching TS-Life to others, it is a good opportunity to create an alternative source of income. 

Alternatively, you ought to consider affiliate marketing, where there isn’t a need for recruitment, sales, or support. All you need to do is to drive a potential customer to the supplier and earn a commission from transacted sales. 

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