There have been various reviews on Elepreneurs, which offer very different opinions. This is my take of the Elepreneurs and of whether it is a pyramid scam.

So, before you decide into joining (or avoiding) Elepreneurs, check out what I’ve found about this MLM company that’s causing a buzz. 

What Is Elepreneurs?

  • Name: Elepreneurs
  • CEO:  Keith Halls
  • Website:
  • Cost: Starting from $49
  • Rating: 7/10

Elepreneneurs launched in 2017, in an apparent reboot of a health-based MLM program Elevacity. Despite both programs being under the same parent company, i.e. Sharing Services Inc, Elepereneurs is not lead by Robert Oblon, who’s been dismissed from the company.

The CEO of Elepreneurs is Keith Hall, and it’s reflected in his LinkedIn profile. Under his leadership, Elepreneurs has grown in the past 3 years as an MLM business in the nootropic niche.

What’s a nootropic? Nootropic are drugs or supplements that enhance human’s cognitive ability. The industry is expected to hit $5.32 billion by 2020, and it’s understandable why Elepreneurs is trying to get a piece of the lucrative market.

Elepreneurs is all about delivering happiness to others, via its range of nootropic others. Its MLM marketers are termed ‘elepreneur’, which are essentially entrepreneurs who are helping others to elevate their health and lifestyle. 

What Does Elepreneurs Offer

The flagship product of Elepreneurs is its nootropic-laden ‘Happy Coffee’. It’s claimed to provide an instant boost of mood and energy. Taking a few sips of the coffee is believed to induce the D.O.S.E respond (dopanine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins), which is naturally-produced hormones and neurotransmitter in the body. 

Not a fan of coffee? Elepreneurs also offer other types of beverages which are also formulated to boost the happy hormone in your body. 

  • Elevate Zest
  • Chocelevate
  • Elevate Nitro
  • Elevaci Tea
  • UnWined 
  • And more that’s updated on its Facebook page.

Customers can also get the nootropic benefits with the XanthaMax, which is offered as a supplement. 

Elepreneur does not list the retail price on its product page, as the site is designed for recruiting new MLM members. It does release the price on Facebook when it’s promoting new product packages. 

The company gives off a positive vibe of empowering the lives of others in its bid to attract MLM promoters to join its cause. Currently, it’s accepting membership from the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

How Much Does Joining Elepreneurs Cost?

It costs at least $49 to join Elepreneurs’ MLM program. For $49, you’ll get training materials, Elepreneur App, and some product samples. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for the ‘Happier’ or ‘Happiest’ enrollment pack, which costs $250 and $500 respectively. Paying the amount will get you various Elepreneurs products to try or market to others. Do note that the fee does not include the $49 that covers the training material.

If you choose to pay for the $49 starter package, you’ll start as the lowest rank in the MLM structure, the ‘Elepreneur’. Your earning will be capped at $750 per month and you’ll earn a maximum of 7% from 2 tiers of downlines. 

To improve your earning capacity, you’ll need to upgrade the rank, which will then require you to maintain at least 40 CV in sales each month. 

How To Earn With Elepreneurs?

Elepreneurs has a pretty rewarding compensation plan if you’re willing to work your way up. There is a total of 13 ranks, with its requirements and earning caps as follow:

  • Level 1 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -0 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 0 | Earning Cap : $750/month
  • Level 2 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -1,250 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 1 | Earning Cap : $1,250/month
  • Level 3 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -2,500 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 2 | Earning Cap : $2,500/month
  • Level 4 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -5,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 3 | Earning Cap : $4,500/month
  • Level 5 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -10,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 4 | Earning Cap : $8,000/month
  • Level 6 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -20,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 6 | Earning Cap : $14,000/month
  • Level 7 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -40,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $24,000/month
  • Level 8 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -80,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $40,000/month
  • Level 9 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -150,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $75,000/month
  • Level 10 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -300,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $120,000/month
  • Level 11 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -500,000| Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $200,000/month
  • Level 12 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -1,000,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $400,000/month
  • Level 13 – Elepreneur : Required QRV -2,000,000 | Cust with 40 CV+ – 8 | Earning Cap : $800,000/month

Here are the few types of earning you can generate as an MLM member.

Retail Commission

Members can purchase the products at the wholesale price and sell it at the retail price. Depending on the product, you’ll earn between 10%-20% in retail commission.

Customer Acquistion Bonus

When you get a number of new customers who spent at least 80CV worth of products in a month, you’ll be entitled to the customer acquisition bonus as follow:

  • 3-4 customers – $25
  • 5-6 customers – $50
  • 7+ customers – $100

Product Trial Bonus

Elepreneurs offers product trial packages, which can result in 50% commission to the upline when sold.

Recruitment Bonus

In any MLM business, building a team is crucial to success. Elepreneurs reward you for doing just that. Depending on your rank, you’ll earn between $150 – $200 when a new recruit of yours bought the Happier Pack and $300-$400 for the Happiest Pack.

Residual Commission

You’ll also earn residual commissions from sales generated by your downlines. 

  • Elepreneurs – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2)
  • Star –  7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3)
  • Bronze – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 4% (L4)
  • Silver- 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 3% (L5)
  • Gold –  7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 3% (L5) + 2% (L6)
  • Platinum – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 3% (L5) + 2% (L6) + 2% (L7)
  • Diamond – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 4% (L5) + 3% (L6) + 3% (L7)
  • Black Diamond – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 5% (L4)  + 4% (L5) + 4% (L6) + 4% (L7)
  • Black Royal Diamond – 7% (L1) + 6% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 5% (L4)  + 5% (L5) + 5% (L6) + 5% (L7)
  • Ambassador – 5% (L1) + 5% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 5% (L4)  + 5% (L5) + 6% (L6) + 6% (L7) + 1% (L8)
  • Crown Ambassador – 4% (L1) + 4% (L2) + 5% (L3) + 5% (L4)  + 5% (L5) + 6% (L6) + 6% (L7) + 2% (L8) + 1% (L9)
  • Royal Crown Ambassador – 3% (L1) + 3% (L2) + 4% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 5% (L5) + 6% (L6) + 7% (L7) + 3% (L8) + 2% (L9) + 1% (L10)
  • Triple Crown Ambassador – 2% (L1) + 2% (L2) + 3% (L3) + 4% (L4)  + 5% (L5) + 6% (L6) + 7% (L7) + 4% (L8) + 3% (L9) + 2% (L10)

Leadership Bonus

Monthly leadership bonus are also rewarded to the following ranks.

  • Platinum – $400
  • Diamond – $600
  • Black Diamond – $800
  • Royal Black Diamond – $1,000

Pool Bonus

Elepreneur allocates 0.5% of its global CV in weighted pools and paid out to qualified members who are ranked Diamond and above. The payment is made monthly.

What I Like About Elepreneurs?

1. Real Products

Coffee, tea, non-alcoholic wine, and more. Elepreneurs distinguish itself from many phony MLM companies by offering real products. While MLM is its primary marketing strategy, it doesn’t limit you to promoting Elepreneur itself.

2. Transparent and Experienced CEO

According to his profile, Keith Halls spent 20 years in Nu Skin and Youngevity, which puts Elepreneurs in a steady-hand of an MLM expert. I also like the fact that Elepreneurs is making its leading team public.

3. No Unrealistic Promises

Elepreneur creates the vibe of starting your own business with the company. However, it doesn’t brandish false or unrealistic promises to lure new recruits. I take it as a sign that Elepreneur is in the business for real and not hoping to make quick profits from recruitment. 

4. Real training and tools.

New recruits receive training materials, apps, and samplers when they pay for the $49 fee. It shows the commitment of Elepreneurs to have a group of professionals who not only understand how the compensation works but also marketing the values of products to others.

Things I Don’t Like

1. Expensive Products

MLM products are generally more expensive than others. Most of the profit goes into paying up commissions for the uplines. On Amazon, Elevate Max costs $55 per tub, which is good for 30 servings.

Many other brands are selling 30 servings of nootropic coffee for half the price. Here’s one from Onnor.

2. Limited Income Opportunity

Elepreneurs made its income disclosure statement public here. It confirms what we’ve always known about MLM, which is most MLM members earn very little or lose money. 

According to its income chart, 92.6% of its members are on the lowest level, and they earn an average of $13.62 per month. 

In a year, that’s $163.44. Active ‘Elepreneurs’ who made at least a sale in 6 months, average $260.28 per year.

If you’re including the $49 starter fee, or for some, $250/$500, these members could still be losing money or barely profitable after 6 months. 

3. Minimum Sales For Higher Earning Capacity

Hitting a certain amount of target isn’t sufficient to qualify you for higher earnings. For Level 2 (Star) rank and above, you’ll need to maintain at least a 40CV customer value to enjoy residual commission and other bonuses.

This means you’ll need to keep ordering products each month, regardless of whether you’re real sales from customers. Or you’ll need to persuade your customers into signing for its Smartship package. 

This pay-to-earn criteria isn’t to my liking.

Tired of MLM? Here’s a better opportunity

Is Elepreneurs A Scam?

No, it’s not. Elepreneur is not a scam, Ponzi or otherwise.

Amongst the various MLM I’ve reviewed, Elepreneurs is one of the most professionally presented. Its range of Nootropic products may attract professionals who are looking for that extra boost in energy.

Elepreneurs is comparable to other legit MLM companies like BioReigns and Zija International (now Isagenix).

As long as Elepreneurs is generating more revenue from product sales than recruitment, it is not a scam.

If making sales presentations and aggressive recruitment are your game, Elepreneurs is a good opportunity.

Nope, MLM is not for me

Not everyone is built for the MLM-game and it’s perfectly fine. I’ve tried my hand on a couple of MLM businesses and it doesn’t work out.

I find it a hassle to focus on both product and team. Besides, being an introvert isn’t helpful in making all those marketing pitches.

So, I decided to try a different way of making money, where I don’t have to deal with stocks, orders, recruitment, and support.

I found it in the form of affiliate marketing.

If you’re just as introverted as I am, consider trying affiliate marketing. The same goes if you’re just not a fan of MLM businesses, even if they’re perfectly legit.

I got my break by joining one program in 2016. I got the training and tools needed to build online businesses that generate consistent monthly passive income. 

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