One of the latest trends to hit the MLM industry is CBD or cannabidiol. If you’re out of the loop, CBD is the part of cannabis that houses medicinal properties without the psychedelic effects. Studies have shown that CBD is useful, but that’s not what I’m focusing on today.

One company, BioReigns, is a pretty new MLM company that pushes CBD products. It’s common that MLM-linked opportunity raises a few eyebrows, so I’d like to use my expertise in online marketing to review BioReigns’ organization and practices. I’ll give you my two cents on how legit this company is in the end.

What Is BioReigns?

  • Name: BioReigns
  • Owner: Bryan Reed & Jo Jo Contino
  • Website:
  • Price: Starting from $50 to $599.99 for activation package/membership
  • Rating: 4/10

First things first, the company. BioReigns is a wellness and health multi-level marketing organization that promotes CBD-laced products. The corporate website tells you a lot about the alleged benefits of their medicines, but not much else. The site’s About page is used to promote its products, not the organization’s history or founders.

What we do know is that the brains behind BioReign’s operations are Bryan Reed and Jo Jo Contino. As far as anyone is concerned, neither of these fellas has past experience in the MLM industry. In fact, the only thing anyone knows about these guys is that they have ties with BioReigns.

Now, don’t go getting your pitchforks and torches just yet. We have yet to dive into how the company operates.

What Does BioReigns Offer?

Unlike many MLM schemes you see online, BioReigns actually has something tangible to offer. BioReign’s products range from water-soluble CBD oil (huh?) to gummy bears. Here’s a quick rundown of what the company has for sale.

  • Limitless ($69.99 for 60 capsules) pumps taurine and caffeine into your body and mind.
  • Vital IQ + Collagen ($89.99 for 1 fl. oz.) contains essential vitamins to help adults meet their daily recommended doses.
  • Vital IQ for Kids ($69.99 for 1 fl. oz.) is the same as the above but for children.
  • Vital IQ Gummy for Kids ($79.99 for 7.5 oz.) is the same as the above but in gummy form.
  • BioDefense ($149.99 for 1 fl. oz.) boosts your immune system to ward off germs and viruses.
  • Sleep ($89.99 for 1 fl. oz.) helps you sleep faster and improves sleep quality.
  • CBD Daily Broad Spectrum ($149.99 for 1 fl. oz.) delivers turmeric extract and CBD to your body.
  • CBD Daily Full Spectrum ($149.99 for 1 fl. oz.) is the same as the above but with trace amounts of THC.
  •  CBD Lean ($89.99 for 1 fl. oz.) improves your heart and boosts weightloss.
  • Pet Tincture ($49.99 for 1 fl. oz.) boosts your pet’s endocannabinoid system.
  • DermAffect ($89.99 for 0.5 fl. oz.) moisturizes skin and promotes skin cell growth.
  • DERM C2 PM ($89.99 for 0.5 fl. oz.) moisturizes skin and improves wrinkles and discoloration.
  • Soothe Lotion ($49.99 for 3.4 fl. oz.) improves skin irritation and sore muscles.
  • Soothe Cream ($49.99 for 3.4 fl. oz.) is the same as the above but in cream form.
  • Soothe Roll On ($49.99 for 3 fl. oz.) is the same as the above but with a roller ball applicator.
  • Soothe Salve ($39.99 for 2 fl. oz.) is the same as the above but in balm form.
  • CBD Bathbomb ($14.99 per bathbomb) makes your bathwater more amazing. Available in mint, rose, citrus, or lavender.
  • Gummies ($69.99 for 0.65 oz.) is a chewy treat laced with CBD.
  • Organic Gummy Bears ($79.99 for 0.65 oz.) is the same as the above but “organic.”

Even by industry standards, BioReign’s products are a bit pricey. As to whether these drops, capsules, lotions, gummies, and bathbombs work or not, you can only take BioReign’s word for it. The FDA has yet to deem any of them effective or safe.

What Does It Cost to Join BioReigns?

To become a part of the BioReigns organization, you’ll have to purchase one of the company’s five activation packages. Purchasing one of these activation packages automatically places you in the BioReigns compensation plan.

The five packages are as follows:

  1. Enrollee Activation for $50
  2. Distributor Activation for $109.99
  3. Sample Activation for $129.99
  4. Manager Activation for $249.99
  5. Elite Activation for $599.99

How Do You Make Money with BioReigns?

Now onto more pressing matters: making money with BioReigns. The company offers two different commission schemes—retail commission and residual commission.

Retail Commission

BioReigns offers a generous 25 to 50% commission on the products you sell. However, unlike standard online affiliate marketing, you have to purchase BioReign’s products upfront at a discounted price. The potential commission you earn per product sold is the difference between wholesale and retail. Your agreement with BioReigns stipulates that you cannot sell higher than the retail value or outside of the US.

Residual Commissions

The second way you earn money with BioReigns is through a residual compensation plan. With you at the top tier, you have two legs for two new recruits (level 1). Each of those recruits sprouts two more legs (level 2), and so on. You’ll earn a commission for every new recruit and every product they sell until level 10.

The percentage of commissions depends on your initial activation package. For instance, Enrollees and Distributors are limited to their first level with a 25% commission for each recruit. In contrast, an Elite member is eligible to receive commissions from level 1 all the way to level 10.

Other compensation programs are available to members, such as sharing a global pool and matching bonuses. If any of this rings a bell, it’s because BioReign’s residual commission plan is not unique; it’s standard MLM gobbledygook.

Pro & Cons of BioReigns

Let’s briefly go over the (singular) pro and (overwhelming number of) cons of BioReigns.


1. No false claims or unrealistic promises on potential earnings

So, what’s most surprising is that BioReigns operations don’t appear to have an inkling of scam-iness in them. Sure, it’s an MLM company that offers hard-to-achieve compensation packages for finding recruits rather than selling products, but there’s no trickery afoot. Extra credit points go to BioReigns for not luring people in with promises of instant wealth overnight.


1. CBD is a difficult niche

The CBD niche is a difficult one to break into. There are several rules in place that virtually prevent newcomers like BioReigns from earning a significant market share. Moreover, not many people are familiar with what CBD actually is.

To make matters worse, BioReigns products are only for sale within in US. You cannot ship your products abroad due to the lack of verified health claims (more on this in a bit) or laws regarding CDB consumption. Even though the US imports the most CBD in the world, it’s a saturated market with no market share to spare.

2. Non-verified health claims

Not only is BioReigns a new entrant in this vast market, but its health claims remain unverified. Although CBD has medicinal properties, BioReigns has yet to receive an official statement from the FDA saying that their claims are valid. Be wary of BioReign’s liberal use confusing jargon like BioCX+ and bioavailability.

3. No information on the founding team

So, we know that Mr. Reed and Mr. Contino founded BioReigns. They purchased the domain back in 2018 and launched their brand a year later. BioReigns offers no insight as to who they are and who engineered the physics-defying water-solubility of hemp oil.

4. Lack of training

MLM organizations typically invest heavily in providing training programs for their partners. These programs equip them with the social skills needed to attract future recruits. The lack of such training by BioReigns is surprising, to say the least. Either they have a strict screening program to find those who are already sociable (impossible) or just don’t care. I’m leaning towards the latter.

5. Involved in controversy

A former leading rep at My Daily Choice was in cahoots with the BioReigns’ founders. They were asked to produce a copy of MDC’s comp plan in exchange for ownership. Then BioReigns got called out by one of MDC’s co-owners for basically copy-pasting the plan. That’s quite embarrassing

6. Activation plan determines rank

Oftentimes, we’ll see MLM members getting promotions based on sales performance. In BioReign’s case, your future income depends solely on which activation package you purchased. If you bought in as an Enrollee or Distributor, you have no hopes of obtaining a promising earning with BioReigns. Make sure you read the fine print, people. Your livelihood might depend on it.

7. Limited income potential

There’s no doubt that you can earn money by being a BioReigns rep, but it’s how little you make that’s concerning. On average, a BioReigns rep is projected to earn anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per year. $2,000 every 12 months. At most. Let that sink in.

You can get paid more than that by working a 9 to 5. Plus, you won’t have to give your first three paychecks to your employer for an opportunity to work.

Verdict: BioReigns Is Not a Scam Nor a Great Opportunity

So, is BioReigns a scam? I’m happy to report that it is not a scam, but that’s where the good news ends.

BioReigns products are available only for sale in the US. We’re the biggest consumer of CBD products, but the market is already saturated by large corporations and more established small-scale organizations.

It’s possible to earn money back on your initial “investment,” but only if you’re willing to put in the work. This means spending your time annoying your family and friends into joining, trying to push CBD products down the throats of everyone around you, and motivating your team to keep up their sales. Worst of all, you have to do everything without any sort of soft skills training.

Indeed, BioReigns is not a scam, but you might end up in the same pit of MLM failure that countless others have fallen into.

If you’re into legit MLM businesses, check out my review on RF3 World and Arbonne International.

Else, I’ll suggest trying your hand at affiliate marketing. You can do most of your work at home, and you don’t need to stock up on hard-to-sell, off-brand products.