Odds are you’ve stumbled across this site because you received an invitation to join RF3 World, either through an email or directly from a colleague/family/long-lost-friend-from-high-school. If this is the case, then welcome!

Today, I’m reviewing the company to answer the much sought-after question: is RF3 World a scam? Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with RF3 World in any way, and I had no biases while researching what the company is about. I’m here to inform you about how legit RF3 World is. Nothing more.

What is RF3 World?

  • Name:  RF3 World
  • Founder: Dato’ Sri Nazeri Omar
  • Website: www.rf3ph.com
  • Price: PHP 5,200 to 36,400
  • Rating: 4/10

RF3 World is mainly active in the Philippines, but it operates in 28 countries across the globe, with international headquarters in Selangor, Malaysia.

The founder, Mr. Dato’ Sri Nazeri Omar, began the business back in 2013. According to the website, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to overcome a series of hardships to become what he is today.

In its early stage of business, RF3 World aimed to sell creams, serums, and supplements through the internet. The company’s management team has expertise in marketing and direct selling.

What Does RF3 World Offer?

RF3 World’s two main products are Firmax3 and O2Max3, with several other creams and supplements currently under development.

Firmax3 is a multi-purpose health and wellness cream that, according to the company’s claims, lightens blemishes, reduces age lines, and delivers nutrients to the skin. 

O2Max3 is a skin-rejuvenating serum that moisturizes the skin and treats wounds. The company offers a package deal for both products, priced at PHP 3,650, or roughly USD 75.

Upon registering with RF3 World, you will receive the opportunity to purchase and resell these products at a 44% margin. Of course, you’ll have to pay to play, which brings me to my next point.

What Does It Cost to Join RF3 World?

If you’re fascinated by what RF3 World has to offer, this is how you can join:

As you can see, upon registering with RF3 World, you’ll receive a package deal at a 30% discounted retail value rate. For every subsequent product you purchase, you’ll receive a 44% discount, which entitles you to a 44% commission for every sale you helped create.

How Do You Make Money with RF3 World?

RD3 World’s marketing team devised a plan consisting of five ways to make money.

Here’s a quick overview of what each method offers:

Direct Selling

Sell the products you purchased from RF3 World with the member discount to earn up to a 44% commission for each sale.

Introducer Bonus

Recruit new members. Your bonus depends on what package your new recruit purchased (PHP 520 for Emerald, PHP 1,560 for Gold, and PHP 3,650 for Diamond).

Royalty Bonus

You earn a Royalty Bonus for each new recruit your direct recruits recruit. You Royalty Bonus depends on the new members’ initial package (PHP 26 for Emerald, PHP 78 for Gold, and PHP 182 for Diamond).

You’ll receive a Royalty Bonus for your group up to the 10th level for Emerald, 15th level for Gold, and 20th level for Diamond.

Team Bonus

RF3 World devised a point system where your left and right recruits are paired. You’ll receive the number of points based on their initial package (1 for Emerald, 3 for Gold, and 7 for Diamond).

To illustrate this point system, if your left and right sides are both Emeralds, you’ll receive a 1-point bonus (PHP 520). If your left and right sides are Diamonds, you’ll receive a 7-point bonus (PHP 3,640). If your left is Gold and your right is Diamond, you’ll receive a 3-point bonus (PHP 1,560).

Unilevel Bonus

The Unilevel Bonus, or residual income, is PHP 130 multiplied by how many people in your group, up to the 10th level. To receive this bonus, you and every person in your group need to purchase a set of any product, recruit at least one new member or receive a Team Bonus for the qualifying month.

What I Like About RF3 World (Pros)

1. Generous retail commission

Earning between a 30% to 44% commission for every sale you help create? By any standard, that’s ridiculously high. With that cushiony a margin, there’s no wonder RF3 World’s partners are motivated to sell.

2. Legit company setup

I could immediately identify the person in charge: Mr. Omar. His online footprint isn’t just tied to the RF3 World website either; you can find video evidence that the guy actually exists.

Also, the company was founded in 2013 and continues to operate more than seven years later. RF3 World has actual, factual products for sale, and with licensing from the FDA and a Certificate of Incorporation from the SEC, if the recruitment system isn’t working, at least they have a fallback option.

What I Dislike About RF3 World (Cons)

1. Products banned by the Cambodia government

Firmax3 skin cream is banned in all of Cambodia. But to be fair, the Ministry of Health of Cambodia banned it for illegal distribution, not because of any possible health hazards.

2. No medical studies to prove claims on its products

There’s a lot of talk on the website about the benefits of the listed active ingredients in Firmax3 and O2Max3. However, there’s no scientific evidence to back these claims up. Even though RF3 World includes a disclaimer on the packaging, it could do better in seeking approval via lab testing and studies.

3. Expensive products

Remember how you can make up to 44% in commissions for each product you sell? Well, it’d be a heck of a lot easier if the skin cream and serum weren’t so overpriced.  

As you can see, a 30-mL of Firmax3 Cream or O2Max3 Serum costs $100, which is so not coolsville.

Yes, yes, the prices of MLM company products are inflated to cover the costs bonus and reward payouts to its members, but sadly, this means you’re charging more to the consumer. But if the market doesn’t mind, might as well roll with it.

Plus, if I’m being honest, the extraordinarily low production cost of each jar/bottle/whatever leaves me scratching my head. If they’re using imported ingredients, surely the COGS would be higher, right? No direct information regarding manufacturing costs. If we’re looking at the price per bottle from after member discounts, that means it costs at least $44 per container, which isn’t that low. Feel free to erase the red text if you want to include it in the article.

4. Poorly-designed website

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how horribly RF3 World’s corporate website was designed. If you have sellers working around the clock in 28 different countries, surely you could hire a professional web designer to make your website look… what’s the word… Good? The global website is currently undergoing a much-needed makeover to make it look presentable.

Verdict: A Legit MLM that Could Be Better

My verdict on whether RF3 World is a scam or not is that it is NOT a scam. It is a legit MLM, just like BioReigns which I’ve reviewed.

RF3 World has products that are actually selling, though they could improve their image by having an independent league of scientists study and publish their tests to ascertain the safety of their creams.

If you’re keen on selling cosmetic products and building your own team, RF3 World might be the right opportunity. Just know RF3 World holds no responsibility for your income potential. The more work, the more you make.

As for the rest of us looking for legitimate ways to make money online, might I suggest an alternate approach, such as affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer, you can make money by promoting other people’s products and earn a cut of the profits for each sale you generate (like MLM).

Best of all, you can do this without the hassle of building a multi-tiered team or selling massively price-inflated products.

Here’s where you can start building your affiliate marketing business.