Is Zijia International A Scam? (Or Legit MLM?)

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There are plenty of ways to earn a little scratch on the side—one of them being a multi-level marketing affiliate. Now, if you’ve been with us for a while, you can tell that we’re not exactly fans of MLM.

Zija International is an MLM company that uses the marketing efforts of the common man and women to sell its wellness and health products. In return, you can make a healthy sum through commissions.

So, is this the truth, or is Zija International a scam like countless other MLM projects? Keep reading to find out my take on the matter.

What is Zija International?

  • Name: Zija International
  • Website:,
  • Founder: Kenneth E. Brailsford
  • Cost: Starting from $40 + $20 Registration Fee
  • Rating: 4/10

Zija International is an MLM company based in Lehi, Utah. The company manufactures and distributes all sorts of health and wellness products, including products that allegedly promote weight loss, boost energy, and improve skin quality.

Zija was founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford, an MLM expert who has deep roots in the skin care industry. He co-founded Nature’s Sunshine, a NASDAQ-listed MLM company, in 1972 where he took the position of President until stepping down in 1979. He made a pretty good living as a stockbroker until he launched his own skin care in 1985 called Nature’s Lab, which was later renamed to Enrich International. He discovered the health benefits of the moringa tree after watching a documentary on Discovery, after which he immediately launched Zija International.

Needless to say, Mr. Brailsford has quite a bit of MLM experience under his belt—something that potential investors might see as a tremendous upside.

What Does Zija International Have to Offer?

Zija International currently has six different product lineups with plenty of individual product packages. Here’s a quick rundown of what each line is about and what products are available.

  • Weight Loss. Shakes, healthy bars, snack foods, cleansing packs
  • Performance. Protein shakes, post-workout supplements, muscle-building vitamins
  • Vitality + Well-Being. Collagen broths, coffees, green tea, essential vitamin supplements
  • IsaKids. Fortified smoothies for kids
  • Essential Oils. Various fragrant oils
  • Personal Care + Beauty. Day creams, night creams, moisturizers, facial toner

If you’ve ever seen what sort of products wellness and health companies have to offer, then the stuff listed above should seem familiar. However, Zija’s main selling points are its eco-friendly packaging and moringa seed content.

What Does it Cost to join Zija International?

You can register with Zija International through its current website, There, you’ll be asked to input the email of your sponsor or the person who recruited you.

To join Zija International, you’ll have to prepare at least $40 dollars for the starter kit and an additional $20 registration fee. Zija International also offers different packages sold at wholesale costs to its registered affiliates. The costs of these packages range from $199 to $1,320.

How Do You Make Money with Zija International?

If you don’t want to read several walls of text to learn about the multiple ways of how you can make money with Zija International, you can find a rough description of each money-making avenue below.

Direct Sales

This is the most straightforward way of making money. By becoming a direct seller, you gain access to Zija’s products at wholesale prices and have the opportunity to sell them to non-members and earn a commission. The difference between wholesale and retail price is around $40, so there’s plenty of money to be made here.

Team-Built Commissions

Remember that Zija is an MLM company, and that by applying, you can also recruit new members to your downline. Now, when your members generate sales, you can make a 10 percent commission from up to two active members.

However, without delving too deep into MLM shenanigans, your downline team has to jump through hoops before you can get that commission. Plus, you only get up to 10 percent from the recruit who sold less for that period.  

Leadership Pool

If you purchased one of their more expensive membership packages (Emerald or higher), you could make a wad of cash from the leader pool. The money that goes to this pool comes from 6 percent of every sale made, so assuming every member is doing their part, that’s a pretty hefty sum that goes to every Emerald-or-higher member.

But, like with any MLM company, the leadership pool isn’t as straightforward as direct sales. Your downline needs to meet a specific quote, you personally had to have purchased and resold a certain number of high-priced product packages, and then you’re entitled to a cut.

One-Time Incentive

This is only for the super-serious affiliates who meet the requirements to become a Senior Diamond status member. This involves selling thousands of dollars of products among other strict requirements.  

Assuming you meet all of the requirements, you can get a one-time bonus package of $20,000. If you’re a Diamond Elite or higher, you can make anywhere between $50,000 and $500,000.

Things I Like About Zija International (Pros)

Now onto the pros and cons. Let’s start with the things I like about Zija International.

1. Rated A+ at Better Business Bureau

BBB is a nonprofit organization whose central focus is to create a safer market for consumers by calling out companies, both good and bad. If a company is treating its customers poorly or does not deliver on its promises to its affiliates, you’ll most likely catch wind of it through BBB.

Zija International holds an A+ rating on BBB—the highest rating possible. A quick look at the profile and the company’s responses to consumers and affiliates shows that Zija cares what people think about it. They make an effort to provide the best quality products and services to those loyal to it, and in return, consumers can decide for themselves regarding Zija’s trustworthiness.

2. Actually Manufactures and Sells Tangible Products

Here’s something you might not have known: for an MLM company to legally operate in the United States, it needs to distribute actual, tangible products. As you can see from our description of Zija International, this is definitely the case. This is undoubtedly why the FCC has not come knocking on the front door of Zija’s headquarters in Lehi.

3. Been in the Business for Over a Decade

The average lifespan of a pyramid or Ponzi scheme is about two to three years. Zija International has been in business for over a decade, and its website has been registered since 2012. If this were a scam, you could bet your bottom dollar that either the FCC or mobs with torches and pitchforks would have shut down the entire operation by now.

We can’t speak for how the company will act a couple years down the line, but for now, Zija International does not fit pyramid or Ponzi criteria.

4. Low Registration Cost

To become a registered retailer, all you need to do is fork over $60 for the most basic starter-kit package (including the $20 registration fee). After that, you can begin making money through direct sales. If you don’t want to get in on the MLM side of Zija’s operation, you’re more than free not to.

5. Credible Leader

Mr. Brailsford has been in the wellness and skin care industries for about 40 years now. He helped launched multiple MLM companies that follow his original Nature’s Sunshine business model and has made a killing doing so. It’s also quite clear that he knows more about the business than most, seeing as how a documentary on the Discovery Channel serves as the foundation for Zija’s products.

Things I Dislike About Zija International (Cons)

Here are a couple of things that people need to be wary about when joining Zija.

1. High Product Costs

Let’s be honest—spending upwards of $80 for essential oil packages containing just a few ounces of fragrant liquids is not a good deal. One could make the argument that the inflated prices need to cover Zija’s vast compensation plan, and you’d be right! All legit MLM companies overprice their products to cover incentives and bonuses.

2. Might be Hard to Sell

However, since the prices are far higher than what you might find on Amazon and eBay with similar ingredients, this means you might have a difficult time moving product. First, you’ll need to educate your customers about Zija and its USPs before they even consider purchasing a package. If you don’t have marketing blood running through your veins, this is definitely not the right choice.

3. Recruit to Make Money

You can make up to $40 per product as a direct seller, but getting involved in the MLM side of Zija’s operations is where the real money is. Now, to actually make money, you need to create a team of go-getters that won’t take no for an answer. If you can’t, then you’ve got a pretty steep hill to climb on your own.

4. Complex Compensation Plan

So many percentages, so many requirements, so many things can go wrong when aiming for one of the big bonuses. Generally speaking, the more you make for Zija, the more Zija gives back, provided that you’re willing to jump through an infinite number of hoops.

5. Greater Potential to Lose Money

Did you know that joining an MLM as an affiliate can actually cost more than you can make? According to an AARP Foundation report, more than 70 percent of people join MLMs and end up paying more to the company than they get back. So, until you’re a statistical anomaly, you might want to stay away from Zija and MLM companies in general.

Verdict: Zija International Is NOT a Scam

So, with all things considered, I can say for certain that as of right now, Zija International is not a scam. Feel free to pop protein shakes and smoothies!

Like BioReigns and Arbonne International, it’s legit MLM company.

Do I feel that Zija International is a great way to make money? It can be, especially if you’re an experienced seller who can help sell overpriced products and recruit other experienced sellers to work for you. If not, then Zija International is not the right avenue to make money.

Do you know what is? Affiliate marketing! Through affiliate marketing, you can promote products that you have personally tried on your blog or social media and earn a cut of the profits from every sale you helped create! You don’t need to rely on others to make sales or earn a higher commission. Plus, you can focus on any product niche that excites you.

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