These days, multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies that offer huge profits through investments are always worth investigating before anyone’s further involvement.

PetronPay is one of the companies that claim to be in the digital investment business that invests in oil. It has no products to sell. While the profits are attractive to anyone looking to gain extra income, one should not be too quick in joining on board.

In this review, we’re going to answer the question everyone’s dying to know: is PetronPay is a scam? It totally is, but let’s go over why.

What Is PetronPay?

  • Name: PetronPay
  • Website:
  • Founders: John Grant (CEO)
  • Cost to Join: $25 – $1,999
  • Rating: 1/10

According to the company website, PetronPay invests in oil assets to generate solid profits. They claim to partner with large refineries, which allow them to make high-quantity purchases and offer excellent profitability for investors.

PetronPay was founded in 2019. Its company website was first registered in December 2019, which makes it a very young company to be involved in oil investments. Its website also stated that its CEO is a man called John Grant. However, there is no further information about him or his track record in the investment business.

What Does PetronPay Have to Offer?

From its company website, it seems like PetronPay has a lot to offer. First, they emphasize the high liquidity and excellent profit opportunity from crude oil under virtually all market conditions. This is, of course, a very attractive statement to make. They also offer a return on investment from 0.2% to 2.5% return on investment, daily, up to 300%. This is also a very shocking claim.

Aside from that, they also offer an affiliate membership system, which pays direct commissions, residual commissions, and bonuses. Basically, people are required to make larger investments and recruit more members in order to unlock more profits.

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What Does It Cost to Join PetronPay?

PetronPay offers investment packages at different amounts based on the rank that an investor wants to achieve upon joining them. ‘Administration fees’ are also included, so in reality, investors are paying more than the investment amount mentioned. Here are different funding options paid through Bitcoin:

  • Barrel 25 – $5 admin fee + $25 investment
  • Barrel 50 – $5 admin fee + $50 investment
  • Barrel 99 – $10 admin fee + $99 investment
  • Barrel 249 – $15 admin fee + $249 investment
  • Barrel 499 – $15 admin fee + $499 investment
  • Barrel 999 – $30 admin fee + $999 investment
  • Barrel 1999 – $30 admin fee + $1999 investment

After generating 300% ROI, investors can also repay the fees as a recurring investment. There are also eleven affiliate ranks from Star to Diamond Emperor. The higher the rank, the more accumulated points they get from the team they have.

How Do You Make Money with PetronPay?

As previously mentioned, PetronPay doesn’t offer any retailable products, so the only way to earn money is by recruiting new affiliates. PetronPay claims there are 6 ways one can earn money:


PetronPay claims to distribute part of the profits it gains from operating in the oil market with daily revenues of 0.2 to 2.5% to investors.


The more affiliates an investor recruits under his wing, the more bonus he will get, 10% of indication that is distributed in 6 levels.

Binary Earnings

To earn more profits, an investor needs to build his team and divide his team into two further teams. The investor gains 50% of the points generated by his smallest team.

Three Stars Bonus

Upon successfully bringing in three new direct accounts, the investor is claimed to get 10% of the value from all three accounts.

Renewal Bonus

With this scheme, an investor receives all bonuses from his team members, which is half of the 50% binary bonus whenever his team member renews.

Awards Program

The awards scheme is a promised bonus in the form of points, money, and even trips abroad for higher-ranking members.

Things I Like About PetronPay (Pros)

Nada. It’s a Ponzi scam similar to Throne Legacy Capital and Adora Investments. 

Things I Dislike About PetronPay (Cons)

From the above explanation, PetronPay’s peculiar rewarding scheme and bold claims in terms of the profits generated have given users enough reason not to trust them with their money. Here are even more reasons why PetronPay is considered a scam:

1. False address

Despite its company website claiming that PetronPay is headquarters in Switzerland, upon further investigation, it was revealed that the address in Switzerland was indeed fake. It was an office building that has no tenants registered under PetronPay’s name.

2. Fake CEO

PetronPay claims that its CEO is John Grant. However, this ‘John Grant’ doesn’t have any track record, project, or background history in the investment business that is convincing enough. The person who acts as John Grant in promotional videos is also found to be an actor with a different name. The appearances of John Grant in business magazines such as Fortunes are also found to be tailored.

3. Fails the Ponzi logic test

Since PetronPay has no products to sell, the only source of revenue it has is new investments that come in. Using only new investment to pay profits makes PetronPay a Ponzi pyramid scheme. The more members recruited, the more pyramid layers are added to the scheme, and once recruitment dries up, there will be no more money to pay profits.

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Verdict: PetronPay is a Scam

We report that PetronPay scam because of the reasons explained above. Given the company’s dishonesty about its address and CEO, and having no retail products, it’s clear that PetronPay is just a pyramid scheme and should be avoided by aspiring investors at any cost.

Look, we’re all for having a side-hustle and making legal money wherever you can, but investing in this soon-to-collapse scam is definitely not the best option. Instead, you should try your hand at affiliate marketing?

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