These days, investment companies that offer quick and huge ROI are always worth looking into deeply before signing on board. Adora Investment is one of those companies that promise profits through assets management, cryptocurrency investment, and bitcoin mining. 

While the profits are attractive, we must ask ourselves: Is Adora Investment a scam? If it looks and smells fishy, you can bet that it definitely is.

In this review, we’re going to tackle why Adora Investment is a Ponzi scam and nobody should be trusting the company with their money.

 What Is Adora Investment?

  • Name: Adora Investment
  • Website:
  • Founders: not mentioned
  • Cost to Join: $100 to $100,000
  • Rating: 0/10

According to its company website, Adora Investment is a well-established market leader of the investment business, as well as an asset management firm that also specializes in cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining. They claim to have the best deals for any investors from anywhere in the world.

Adora Investment was founded on January 14, 2015, with no further mentions about the founder. Claimed to be based in Sydney, Adora Investment promises a safe space to invest money and gain solid profit every hour of the day, quite a bold statement to make.

What Does Adora Investment Have to Offer?

From its company website, it seems like Adora Investment has a lot to offer.

First, they claim to be the market leader in investing, which is questionable since there are so many other credible investment companies out there. They also heavily promote returns on investments that can be received ‘every hour of the day’. They invite people to invest bitcoin in exchange for an advertised 115% ROI only after 6 days.

Aside from that, they also offer an affiliate membership system, which pays referral commissions for recruiting more affiliates to join their program. However, they only reveal the 10% commission for the first level of affiliates, and no further information is disclosed.

Here’s Something Better

What Does It Cost to Join Adora Investment?

Adora Investment affiliate membership is free, however, to participate further and gain income, users need to pay a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $100,000 bitcoin investment. The money can be invested as deposits using Bitcoin. They promise that the first profits will be received in just 24 hours. They also heavily advertise that users’ income is directly based on their investment amount to lure users into investing more than the minimum amount.

What makes it even more suspicious is that Adora Investment does not inform users of any retailable products or services. Affiliates are only able to market Adora Investment and refer people into being investors. Nothing else is offered apart from the affiliate membership itself. There are also no investment packages or ranks informed on the website.

How Do You Make Money with Adora Investment?

The size of profit a user gets on Adora Investment depends on the investment and successful referrals that a user makes.

Adora Investment promises a fixed amount of 2.5% daily profits of a user’s investment. This is a whopping and dramatic percentage of profits, considering it increases daily and can reach 15% in just 6 days. They even offer a profit calculator for users to calculate how much they will earn if they invest their money with Adora Investment. No further details are provided.

As an example, they used the minimum amount, which is $100. They claim that users will be able to gain a 15% return on investment in just 6 days, which means users will gain back $115 for 115% of their investment in less than a week.

Adora Investment also promises more profits for users who join their three-level affiliate program. Users can share their referral link to anyone they know on social media and chat platforms in return for commissions.

The program promises referral bonuses for those who successfully bring new referrals to join their program, with a total of 10% of all referral deposits. No further information on commission payout is disclosed.

Things I Like About Adora Investment (Pros)


Adora Investment joins programs like Nimbus Platform and Throne Legacy Capital as a no-good Ponzi scheme.

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Things I Dislike About Adora Investment (Cons)

Adora Investment has given every user enough reason to be suspicious and not entrust their money with their business. Here are the reasons why Adora Investment is a Ponzi scam and should be avoided at all costs.

1. False claims on establishment date

Despite its company website just being privately registered on January 14, 2020, Adora Investment claims that it was founded on January 14, 2015. There was no history or information about Adora Investment before its company website was registered, so this establishment date was very certainly fake.

Even if it’s true, it is very unlikely that a relatively new company can be a ‘market leader’ in the investment business as it claims to be.

2. No evidence of company track record

Adora Investment makes some very powerful claims, such as being the market leader company in assets management, cryptocurrency investment, and bitcoin mining.

However, their website or any other place on the Internet never mentions any track records or projects Adora Investment has been involved in. Their claims are simply empty claims with no solid evidence.

3. Fails the Ponzi logic test

Adora Investment’s company website is really bold when it comes to advertising the profits that investors can get with them. Generating consistent profits of 2% every day is beyond logical, especially when they provide no further explanation of how it is done.

Given that scheme, they don’t even need the money if they are actually able to come up with such huge profits. It is highly unlikely that their business model will sustain itself without new recruitments of affiliates, as they do not mention any other sources of money their company has besides affiliate’s investments.

According to FTC, a business that solely relies on recruitment for revenue is a Ponzi scheme.

Verdict: Adora Investment is a Scam

We report that Adora Investment is a Ponzi scam because of the reasons explained above. Given the company’s unclear details on its establishment and track record, together with the jaw-dropping claims it makes on giving daily returns on investment, it is clear that Adora Investment should not be trusted by anyone looking to invest their money.

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