Is Nimbus Platform truly a fintech crowdfunding platform or is it another Ponzi scam in disguise? When you come across terms like ‘blockchain’ and ‘decentralized data’, it’s easy to believe that you’re signing up for a legit crypto opportunity.

However, before you part with $350 to ‘invest’ with Nimbus Platform, read on and find out if it’s really worth the risk. 

What Is Nimbus Platform?

  • Name:  Nimbus Platform
  • CEO: Fernando Martinho
  • Website:
  • Cost: From $350
  • Rating: 1/10

Nimbus Platform was launched in March 2020. It is currently headed by Fernando Martinho. According to his LinkedIn profile, Fernando Martinho is the co-founder of Naoris, a company involves in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

On its site, Nimbus Platform positioned itself as a fintech crowdfunding platform, without divulging more details into its nature of the operation. It does state that it’s helping people to achieve their financial goals by leveraging the platform.

Signing up to Nimbus Platform is by invitation only, which raises suspicion of what Nimbus Platform really is. 

What Does Nimbus Platform Offer?

If you’re invited to Nimbus Platform, you’ll find that the so-called fintech-crowdfunding opportunity is nothing but a series of investment packages.

The investment packages offer a specific percentage of daily returns. In other words, they are ‘no-risk, guaranteed returns’ investment schemes.

You’ll need to deposit cash for NMBT token to invest in Nimbus Platform. 

Here are what’s on the table:

  • Invest between $350- $1,000 and earn a return of 0.25% daily.
  • Invest between $1,001- $5,000 and earn a return of 0.3% daily.
  • Invest between $5,001- $30,000 and earn a return of 0.4% daily.
  • Invest $30,001 or above and earn a return of 0.5% daily.

At a glance, these investment packages are irresistible. If you’re investing $1,000, you’ll be paid $2.5 daily. By the end of 12 months, you’ll almost double your money. 

Apart from these investment packages, Nimbus Platform does not offer any retail products or services. 

Nimbus Platform MLM Opportunity

Besides generating passive income from the investment packages, you can also promote Nimbus Platform via its MLM program.

Nimbus Platform operates a unilevel MLM structure, where you’ll gain residual commission of up to 25 levels. 

Here are the commission rates:

  • Level 1: 50% 
  • Level 2: 25%
  • Level 3: 20%
  • Level 4: 15%
  • Level 5: 14%
  • Level 6: 13%
  • Level 7: 12%
  • Level 8: 11%
  • Level 9: 10%
  • Level 10: 9%
  • Level 11: 8%
  • Level 12: 7%
  • Level 13: 6%
  • Level 14: 5%
  • Level 15: 4%
  • Level 16 : 3%
  • Level 17 to Level 20: 2%
  • Level 21 to Level 25: 1%

When you recruit a new member, you’ll make 50% of his/her investment value. By having access to 25 levels of residual commissions, there’s strong motivation to promote Nimbus Platform.

In fact, you’re likely to earn more as a recruiter than the returns from the investment packages. 

What I Like About Nimbus Platform

Nothing. I’m afraid to say that Nimbus Platform is just another Ponzi scheme like Tonoit and We Share Abundance.

Things I Dislike

1. Guaranteed Investment Scheme

When you come across investment schemes that offer guaranteed returns, you’ll want to be wary. By guaranteeing at least 0.25% daily return, Nimbus Platform is implying that it’s absolutely certain of being profitable.

Nimbus Platform claims to be involved in cryptocurrency. However, there’s always a risk in investment, cryptocurrency, or not. There are, however, no hints of an investment risk disclaimer on its website.

Zero risks, high returns, guaranteed investments are signs of a scam. 

Here’s Something Better

2.  Expensive

You’ll need to fork out at least $350 to participate in its investment packages. $350 isn’t an amount that everyone could afford to risk.

Other than what’s stated on its site, there’s little information on how Nimbus Platform operates. There’s also nothing to prove that Nimbus Platform actually makes profits from crypto trading.

3.  Recruitment Oriented

Nimbus Platform does not offer products and services. Members are promoting the company solely for the sake of generous compensation. 

There isn’t any retail value offered by the company. According to FTC, an MLM that’s only centered on recruitment and not selling product is a Ponzi scheme. 

As Nimbus Platform does not generate revenue in retail transactions, how does it pay the recruiter’s commission?

It does so by using the fees paid by new members. Ponzi scheme is not sustainable. When recruitment starts slowing down, you’ll have difficulty withdrawing the earnings.

Is Nimbus Platform A Scam?

Unfortunately, Nimbus Platform is a Ponzi scam. There’s just no sugar coating that. 

The entire operation of Nimbus Platform is dependent on recruitment. It is not using your money to invest in crypto and making money out of it. That’s just a convenient marketing cover.

While you may still earn from Nimbus Platform now, it’s only a matter before the program collapse. That’s how Ponzi works and I’ve seen so many come and go.

Also, no legit investments offer guaranteed returns. That’s just a tempting statement to lure new unsuspecting members.

Avoid Nimbus Platform at all costs, even if you have $350 to lose. If you’re looking for a legit MLM opportunity, there are many around. 

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