I was checking out new crypto opportunities and I come across Tonoit. Many reviews are unfavorable and it’s been labeled a Ponzi scheme outright.

I thought Tonoit is worth another look because not all cryptocurrency programs are scams. So, I decided to scrape the web for more of Tonoit and hopefully, provide a fair review. 

Read on and check out if you should be paying your hard-earned money to Tonoit.

What Is Tonoit?

  • Name: Tonoit
  • Founder: Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, Ejovwoke Enakirerhi
  • Website: tonoit.com
  • Cost: Starting from $150. 
  • Rating: 3/10

Tonoit was formerly known as Phyton Signals. It is a reboot of a program that provides cryptocurrency trading signals. The program was founded in 2017 while the nance change happened in 2020. 

The website lists Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, and Ejovwoke Enakirerhi as co-founders. It only provides vague locations of its offices, believed to be in Mauritius and Australia. 

If you’ve been doing some homework on crypto-trading, ‘signals’ are alerts for investors to decide on buying or selling cryptos at a specific time. From Tonoit’s homepage, it seems that it has a 97% accuracy in predicting the trends (although the figure remains unverified).

What Does Tonoit Offers?

Trading signals are the bread and butter of Tonoit and you’ll have access to the reports by signing up for one of its Trading Strategies packages:

  • Long Term Trade: $50 monthly (blog post + reports + webinar)
  • Scalp Trade: $130 for 180 days (3-20 minutes trade signals.)
  • Day Trade: $50 monthly ( Daily 4-72 hours trade signals)
  • Master Trade: $150 monthly (Dynamic trade signals – all time frame)

Tonoit also provides cryptocurrency trading courses that cater to investors of all levels. Depending on the course, you’ll learn by webinar, video, PDF, or live sessions. 

  • Beginner trading course: $150
  • Intermediate trading course: $200
  • Advanced trading course: $350
  • Scalp trading course: $500
  • Day trading course $500

There are also marketing tools, that seem to help investors to build and grow their business.

  • Todoit Pro Marketing Academy- $50 monthly
  • Tobeit Resilient Entrepreneur One year Program – $500 /year.
  • Tonoit Personal Assistant – $50 monthly.

How Do You Make Money With Tonoit?

If your interest is in crypto trading, Tonoit’s trading signals may be useful in helping you profit from the market. Remember that even with trading signals, you’ll still need to be experienced to carry out the transaction.

Trading signals are not a guarantee for profit. Cryptocurrency trading is risky and even more so when you’re day trading. Even seasoned investors make losses at times, with or without trading signals. 

Tonoit provides testimonials from some members who claimed benefits from its trading reports.

While it’s impossible to verify that these members actually make money from copy trading with the exclusive trading signals, I can verify the Instagram account of one of its members.

However, from Dr. Vickie’s posts, it seems that she’s more into promoting MLM programs than investing in cryptocurrency itself. 

This brings us to the next earning opportunity with Tonoit, the MLM program. 

Here’s the interesting part. Purchasing any of Tonoit’s digital products/courses does not qualify you as an MLM affiliate.

To join Tonoit’s MLM program, you’ll have to purchase these subscription packs.

  • Gold: $150 – Valid for 90 days
  • Platinum: $250 – Valid for 180 days
  • Galaxy: $500 – Valid for 12 months 
  • Diamond: $950 – Valid for 24 months
  • Lifetime Galaxy – $2,000 – unlimited validity

Except for Lifetime Galaxy, which costs a whopping $2,000, you’ll need to re-subscribe when the package expires to keep earning as an MLM affiliate. 

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Tonoit Compensation Program

When you’ve become a Tonoit affiliate, you can earn from a few methods.

1. Recruitment Commission

Gold, Platinum, Galaxy, and Diamond affiliate members earn 10% of commission if they get new members to sign up as an affiliate.

2. Residual Commission

Tonoit operates on a 2 x 18 matrix, where you have 2 immediate downlines and twice the amount at each subsequent level. It is possible to earn up to 18 levels, depending on your membership rank.

  • Gold position earns 9 levels deep.
  • Platinum position earns 12 levels deep
  • Galaxy, Diamond, and Lifetime Galaxy earn 18 levels deep.

The earning percentage differs according to the levels.

  • 5% for Levels 1,4,7,10 and 13
  • 4% for Levels 2,5,8,11 and 14
  • 3% for Levels 3,6,9,12 and 15
  • 2% for Levels 16 and 17.
  • 1.5% for Level 18.

3. Rising Star Bonus

A member qualified for the Rising Star Bonus, with a payout of $100 when he/she subscribes to the Galaxy position and manages to recruit two Galaxy members.

What I Like About Tonoit

1. Public Owners Info 

Tonoit bags some brownie points by making their owners info public. Whether it’s learning trading strategies, or picking up trading signals, you’ll want to know who’s running the shows. 

It makes Tonoit different from scams like Forsage, where such info is obscured from the public. Yet, getting the owner’s face on the homepage isn’t a guarantee that Tonoit is a legit opportunity.

2. No Unrealistic Promises

I’ve gone through Tonoit’s webpages and there are no instances where it promises overnight riches through crypto trading or its MLM opportunity.

Anything else will be a sure red flag for a scam.  

Things I Dislike

1. Pay To Play MLM

I’ve reviewed dozens of MLM and most automatically qualify members when they purchase its products or services.

Not Tonoit.

Signing to any of its courses or trading signals are does not qualify you as an MLM affiliate. You’ll need to pay at least $150 which allows you to earn in 90 days. Upon expiry, you’ll need to renew your affiliate plan or your earnings will be frozen. 

Regardless of offering real products or not, having a pay to play recruitment-based MLM makes Tonoit a Ponzi scheme. 

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2. Owners with Shady Reputation

One of Tonoit’s owners, Gavin Victor was involved in Ponzi scams like USI Tech and BitConnect. 

It could be something in the past, but having a founder who was part of failed Ponzi scams doesn’t instill much confidence.   

3. Questionable Trading Signals Accuracy

Tonoit’s claimed of providing the most accurate trading signals (97% accuracy) remains to be proven.

If you’re looking to invest based on 3rd party signals, you’ll want proofs. Something like a past performance chart vs prediction will help.

Occasionally, I do copy-trade based on others, but I do it on eToro, where I get to study and browse past performance of experienced investors.

The same principle applies to trading signals. If Tonoit’s trading signals is as good as it’s claimed, there will be videos of investors having success with it.

And there are no reasons for a rebranding exercise (if everything is going well).

My advice? Trade with caution if you’re depending on trading signals. 

Is Tonoit A Scam?

Tonoit’s offering of trading signals and courses are pretty much legit. However, it’s pay-to-play recruitment MLM is no doubt a Pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme is unsustainable because it banks on an ever-increasing of new recruits to pay the commissions of current affiliates.

Python Signals website suffered a dip in traffic in late 2019, which must have been one of the reasons for a fresh reboot.

Furthermore, if Tonoit’s revenue is mostly derived from its recruitment instead of product sales, it will be reduced to nothing but a scam.

Either way, I can’t recommend Tonoit for trading signals or an MLM opportunity. 

Moving On To Something Better

If you want to learn about crypto trading, there are better and cheaper courses around. Consider copy-trading on eToro as an alternative to trading signals. 

As far as MLM is concerned, I was never a fan. You’ll need to focus on recruitment to be a high-earner. 

Furthermore, an FTC report found that 99% of MLM members ultimately lose money. That’s how achieving success with MLM is.

If you’re planning to join Tonoit just for the MLM opportunity, I’ll suggest checking out a better alternative, which is affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to go on a crazy recruiting campaign, and you don’t have to pay to promote products.

In affiliate marketing, you’re being paid when you make sales, and not the other way round. I’ve got my break in affiliate marketing by joining this program.

It doesn’t cost $150 a month. In fact, it’s free to get started.