These days, making extra money online is always appealing to many people. Jaa Lifestyle is one of the companies that offer ‘financial freedom’ to its users by making huge money online. While their promises are very attractive, one must thoroughly investigate the credibility of Jaa Lifestyle before joining on board.

In this review, we’re answering the question, “Is Jaa Lifestyle a scam?” and determining whether users should entrust their funds in this scheme to make money online.

What Is Jaa Lifestyle?

  • Name: Jaa Lifestyle
  • Website:
  • Founders: Adriana Cottet
  • Cost to Join: Free ($20 to be affiliate)
  • Rating: 2/10

On its company website, JAA Lifestyle claims to be a company that offers financial freedom for all of its members through an ‘affiliate business model’. They promise sustainable passive income and generational wealth. It is an Asian platform that claims to already have a global presence in the business.

Jaa Lifestyle seemed to be launched in May 2020. It seemed to be run side by side with another similar company, Lifestyle Marketing Group, which did a ‘soft launch’ in June 2020.

The website also stated that Jaa Lifestyle’s founder was someone named Adriana Cottet, who had over 25 years in the ‘luxury industry’. It was also mentioned that she had been a part of ‘Luxury Boats and Villa’ company since 2000.

Shain Hymon was also another name mentioned. He was the director in operations with experience in MLM businesses, and he was now the owner of Lifestyle Marketing Group.

What Does Jaa Lifestyle Have to Offer?

From its company website, it seems like Jaa Lifestyle has a lot to offer. Their tagline is ‘solutions to a better life’. Throughout their site, luxury is the most promoted element, and this might be attractive to many people. They offer financial security without actually being registered to any financial authorities.

In Jaa Lifestyle, the money a member gains are purely from commissions. Jaa Lifestyle has different programs such as the advertising program, lifestyle program, and other bonuses.

They claim that a member can earn $50 worth of free future shares, $1,000 per year from advertising partners as a bonus, and another extra $1,000 per year for every referred person who successfully signs up.

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What Does It Cost to Join Jaa Lifestyle?

For only being an affiliate member, there is no cost to join Jaa Lifestyle. However, to join the lifestyle program, you pay a $30 fee that was formerly $48 but is advertised as ‘lowered for the first month’. After the first payment, you need to pay $48 every other month to make sure the membership stays active.

How Do You Make Money with Jaa Lifestyle?

To make money on Jaa Lifestyle, members need to promote their affiliate membership. Here are the different compensation plans available on Jaa Lifestyle.

Advertising Program

In this program, affiliates need to introduce Jaa Lifestyle to as many people as possible. An affiliate gets $10 for every person he/she refers. You can also get a cut from the referrals of your direct recruits.

To be part of the Advertising Program, Jaa Lifestyle charges an additional $20 fee. After paying the fee, affiliates download one of Jaa Lifestyle’s advertiser apps where they will be paid for viewing ads.

Lifestyle Program

In the Lifestyle program, affiliates get rewarded for referring people to the platform. They use a unilevel compensation plan so it is not a pyramid scheme as used in some MLM companies.

However, to be eligible for this compensation plan, affiliates need to ‘activate’ their account by paying $48 and 10 magazines. Moreover, this feature is not fully launched right now, so affiliates pay now and start making money once the program is fully launched.


Jaa Lifestyle magazines are filled with content about luxury goods. Affiliates can sell them in return for a commission.


Jaa Lifestyle also promises different bonuses to incentivize their affiliates. For affiliates who register and verify their bank account within the first seven days, they will get shares worth $50. Bonuses can also be obtained for referring members who successfully join in and reach a certain level in Jaa Lifestyle.

Things I Like About Jaa Lifestyle (Pros)

Unsurprisingly, Jaa Lifestyle does not have any pros; at least any we can think of. It seems like it could potentially be a pyramid scheme, like FM World and OPM Wealth.

Things I Dislike About Jaa Lifestyle (Cons)

From the above explanation, Jaa Lifestyle is not 100% a scam, although it does have some flaws that make it worth considering cautiously before joining. Here are the cons of Jaa Lifestyle:

1. No retailable products

The only thing that brings money to Jaa Lifestyle is the affiliate membership fee and the ads. There are no retailable products. They do have a magazine program but that’s not fully launched yet and until then, it’s best to assume they virtually have no real products yet.

It’s worth pondering where Jaa Lifestyle can come up with enough money to pay the members once they grow bigger.

2. Unclear website

Jaa Lifestyle’s website is very incomprehensive and vague to visitors who haven’t signed up yet. To access more information, visitors need to first sign up and be a member, which is of course a very bold move to make without previously learning about the website as much as possible.

3. Overhyped

Jaa Lifestyle’s way of promoting its company makes things seem way too good to be true, way too easy. They advertise about experiencing a luxurious life and financial freedom, which is realistically quite unattainable, especially given that their compensation plan is not that robust.

It takes a huge, almost unrealistic amount of energy, effort, and time to reach that sort of financial freedom only by promoting affiliate memberships.

Verdict: Too Soon to Tell

We report that although Jaa Lifestyle has its flaws, it’s still too early to tell whether it’s a straight-up pyramid scheme (all clues point in that direction). However, given its overhyped and unclear promotion tactics, it is best to proceed with caution before signing up on Jaa Lifestyle.

We understand that making money on the side is a big thing nowadays. This is why you should give consider a more viable and sustainable option.

Even if Jaa Lifestyle eventually proves to be a legit program, it’s incredibly hard to be profitable being an MLM promoter. In fact, according to an FTC report, 99% of MLM members eventually lose money.

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A Better Option

If you’re into recruitment and network marketing, there are better programs than Jaa Lifestyle. I’ve reviewed Shaklee and Elepreneurs and both are pretty much better than Jaa Lifestyle.

However, if you’re not a fan of MLM or looking to create a source of online passive income without worrying bout customer support, you ought to try out affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is promote products on your social media, blogs, and/or YouTube channel. For every sale you helped generate, you’re entitled to a cut of the profits. It sounds simple because it is; just sign up with one of the countless affiliate programs available and begin working from home. 

Here’s the quickest way to get started and be a trained affiliate marketer.