Perhaps, you’ve come across Green Compas Global from one of its affiliates, or you’ve stumbled on the company amid the hype of CBD products. 

If you’re wondering whether Green Compas Global is a legit opportunity or a scam, you’ve got to read on. 

The internet is flooded with scams in all forms. You’ll need to ensure Green Compas Global is legit, before committing your time and money to it.

What Is Green Compas Global?

  • Name: Green Compas Global
  • Founder: R. Sterling Cook, Jr. & Meredith Cook
  • Website:
  • Cost: $49.95
  • Rating: 6/10

Green Compas Global is a US-based company that sells CBD products. It’s helmed by R Sterling Cook, Jr. as the CEO, and joined by his wife Meredith Cook as the president. The company listed a US address for its HQ in the US and a UK address for its European office. 

It seems that both co-founders have not been involved with MLM prior to Green Compas Global. In a way, it’s a refreshing start compared to other subpar programs that are largely focused on recruitment. 

The company also offers a presentable, elegant website. It definitely gives a good first impression to customers and affiliates alike. Still, it takes more than an elegant website to be sure if it’s not a scam.

So, let’s dig deeper.

What Does Green Compas Global Offer?

The company is offering primarily CBD products. CBD is known for its calming properties and more studies are backing up claims of alleviating stress and anxiety. Green Compas Global is deeply involved in the growing, harvesting, and production of its CBD range of products.

On its shop, you’ll find CBD extracts in various flavors that retail from $84.95. CBD oils by Green Compas Global are marketed as ‘full-spectrum’, a term that indicates it contains all the cannabinoids present in the plant.

Besides CBD oils, the company also offers merchandise that could be of interest to the community. You’ll find items like bath bombs, apparel, mugs, and sunglasses offered under the Green Compas brand.

How Does The Green Compas Global MLM Opportunity Works?

Green Compas Global has a pretty standard MLM structure. It operates a unilevel MLM structure where Independent Advocates can make money from retail, recruitment, and residual commission.

To join as a promoting affiliate, you’ll need to purchase a $49.95 worth of business starter kit. However, you’ll need to maintain a minimum of $150 of PV on sales each month, or subscribe to $100 PV worth of auto-ship order to remain active in its MLM program.

An Independent Advocate will earn a base 20% of retail commission for sales of up to $499 per month. He/she will enjoy an additional rate of 5% and 10% for sales between $500 – $999 and above $1,000 respectively. 

You can also generate commission by getting new members into its program and getting them to purchase the CORE Success package. A successful transaction will land you a one-time $90 bonus and a $10 enroller bonus. 

As you moved up the ranks, you’ll have access to more earning opportunities in the form of check match bonuses, generation bonuses, and more.

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What Do I Like About Green Compas Global?

It Has Retailable Products

Unlike many MLM programs that are all hype but little substances, Green Compas Global offers real products to customers. It delivers genuine value that affects its customers. This itself offers a sense of legitimacy to the company. 

Green Compas Global emphasizes product sales as its primary source of revenue, instead of MLM recruitment. Its’ policy is crafted to safeguard this vision. For example, at least 70% of sales must be attributed to non-affiliated members.

It’s Transparent

Whether it’s the founder, the company’s address, and the finer details of the business, you can find them on Green Compas Global’s website. A transparent MLM company is a positive sign that it isn’t hiding anything up its sleeve.

Things I Dislike

Expensive MLM membership

Whether it’s joining its MLM opportunity or remaining active as one, it can get expensive. The $49.95 that you’ve paid for getting in is only good for one month. To remain active, and enjoy the commission, you’ll need to commit to at least $100 worth of autoship.

In other words, you’ll need to buy $100 worth of product each month regardless of whether you’ve landed new sales or not. The fees can be a burden when you’re just started and has a small customer base.

Tough Market

As miraculous as it is, CBD is a tough market. It is still yet to be legalized in most countries. Your market is quite limited compared to other health products.

Also, competition is fierce in the CBD niche. Just search for CBD oil on Google and you’ll find an endless list of brands competing for attention. Expect a tough journey if you’re promoting Green Compas or similar products like BioReign.

Limited Earning Potential

If you’re hoping to promote Green Compas and hope to generate sustainable profit, you could be disappointed. 

While the company does not disclose any earning disclaimer, it is a known fact that 99% of MLM affiliate eventually lose money. Given the costly entry and retainer fee, your hope of making a decent income with Green Compas is pretty discouraging. 

Is Green Compas Global A Scam?

With all being said, I’m confident that Green Compas Global is NOT a scam. It is a legit opportunity that’s comparable to Elepreneurs and Nulife Ventures.

If you’re a fan of CBD products and don’t mind recruiting, it may be the right program for you. You just need to have a realistic expectation that climbing up the ranks is crucial to success in any MLM program.

Else, I’ll suggest trying out an alternative way of generating passive income. One that doesn’t involve recruitment or customer support. What’s better is that you don’t need to PAY to be an affiliate.

Check this out.