NuLife Ventures looks legit and classy with a stunning website. Is it a legit MLM opportunity? Or another scam disguised as one? 

It’s important to get this clear up because joining NuLife Ventures as an independent MLM partner is quite costly. 

So, I did an extensive study on the company’s background, products, and went through the compensation plan for this review.

Hopefully, I can help you to make an informed decision before signing up as a member.

What Is NuLife Ventures

  • Name: NuLife Ventures
  • Owner: William Resides (CEO)
  • Website:
  • Price: $280 registration fee + Product Package
  • Rating: 5/10

NuLife Ventures is an MLM company based in Chattanooga. The company was founded in 2012 by William Resides. Prior to that, he was involved in Crypto.IQ and Allwired Technologies Inc. 

The company’s furnished the information of its CEO and management team on its website, which is usually a good sign for an MLM organization.

Well, usually an MLM that’s open up about its founding team is pretty legit, and let’s hope so for in this case.

NuLife Ventures Products

NuLife Venture’s core products are hydrogen water machines. Hydrogen water is produced by adding an additional molecule of hydrogen (H2) into the water. It is believed that drinking hydrogen water may have marginal benefits on health.

These water machines are sold at the following price:

  • Echo H2 Pitcher – $1,195
  • Echo H2 Machine – $2,895
  • Echo H2 Server – $2,495
  • Echo H2 Ultimate  (Available soon)

In 2019, NuLife Ventures became a reseller for Avacen, a medical device manufacturer. Avacen supplies NuLife Ventures with two models of non-invasive muscle massager devices.

Here’s the price that the Avacen machines are sold:

  • Avacen 100 – 3,995
  • Avacen Pro – $6,995

Besides these high-priced items, NuLife Ventures also offers a couple of products on the lower range, namely the vNox+ supplements and Sedona face mask. 

How Do You Join NuLife Ventures?

The company operates with an MLM structure and its members are termed as ‘independent brand partners’. 

Anyone who wishes to purchase NuLife Ventures’ products must be referred by a member. 

You’ll need to pay $280 to join as NuLife Ventures independent brand partner. The fee is usually included when you buy its product.

For example, Avacen 100 costs $4,275 which includes the $280 IBP fee. You’re also required to purchase products that are worth a certain value before being eligible for its commissions.

NuLife Ventures Compensation Plan

NuLife Ventures operate on a 3-tier and 7 ranks MLM structure. When you join the company as an IBP, you’re ranked as junior, which entitles you to 16% of direct commissions.

Here are the entire ranking hierarchy and the commission.

  • Junior – 16% direct commission | 7% + 3% overriding (T1+T2)
  • Senior – 26% direct commission | 7% + 3% overriding (T1+T2)
  • Director – 28% direct commission |  9% + 5% + 2% overriding (T1+T2) 
  • Area Director – 30% direct commission  | 11% + 7% + 4% overriding (T1+T2)
  • National Director – 30% direct commission | 7% + 3% + 4% overriding (T1+T2)
  • International Director – 30% direct commission | 7% + 3%  + 4%overriding (T1+T2)

Partners who are ranked Area Director and above also receive team bonuses as follows.

  • Area Director – 4% from directors in their downline.
  • Regional Director – 4% from directors, 3% from Area Directors in their downline.
  • National Director – 4% from directors, 3% from Area Directors, 3% from National Directors in their downline.
  • International Director –  4% from directors, 3% from Area Directors, 3% from National Directors, 2% from National Directors in their down line.

Unlike many MLM companies, the NuLife Ventures commission rate is based on the commissionable value (CV) and not the retail price of the product.

For example, the Avacen 100, which is priced at $3,995 has a commission value of 3,000 CV. A junior partner who sold the product will receive 16% x $3,000 = $480. 

Here’s a recap on the various ways you can earn as a NuLife Ventures partner.

  • Direct commission – 16% – 30% , depending on your rank.
  • Residual commission – 10% – 25% from your downlines, depending on rank.
  • Team bonuses – 4% – 12%, for Area Director and above. 

As of May 1st, 2020, NuLife Ventures made significant changes to how its partners can earn from higher-priced products.

The company separates its products into 2 categories.

  • Class 1 Products – product packages that DO NOT include at least ONE Avacen device.
  • Class 2 Products  – product packages that INCLUDE at least ONE Avacen device.

Obviously, selling Class 2 products is more lucrative, as they have a minimum CV of $3,000. However, you’ll need to complete the NuLife Brand Partner Academy certification to start selling. Also, you’ll need to sell at least one Class 2 product within a 180 day period to keep team overrides and bonuses. 

Alternatively, you can start with selling Class 1 products, which only requires you to retain a 30 days sales of a minimum 60 CV to keep team commissions active.

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What Do I Like About NuLife Ventures?

1. Transparency

There’s nothing shady about how NuLife Ventures operate or its management team. Its team’s information is made public on its page.

NuLife Ventures provide detailed information on the products that it’s selling and the prices are stated clearly on its website. 

It also has a clear medical disclaimer and does not make baseless claims of the therapeutic potentials of its products.

The fact that NuLife Ventures has been around since 2012, and has not embroiled in major controversies, pretty much gives it a sense of legitimacy. 

2. Tangible Products

According to the FTC, a legit MLM organization must offer tangible products and services. Its profit-generation activity must be based on the retail sales of the product, and not solely focusing on recruitments.

NuLife Ventures fits the bill of a legit MLM as it offers dozens of health-related products. Its products do offer value to customers, although they are more on the pricier side. 

3. Reasonable Compensation Plan

If you get something like 75% commission off the start of an MLM business, be on the alert for a possible scam. That’s because an MLM business like NuLife needs to cover its operating and product cost. 

Thankfully, NuLife Ventures is none of that. It starts off with only a 16% retail commission for its junior brand partner. Also, it sets a commissionable value for its product, which means the company retains part of the revenue to sustain and grow the business.

Things I Dislike

Expensive Products

The core products of NuLife Ventures are hydrogen water machines, which start at $1K+. It is also now aggressively promoting Avacen heats therapy machines that retail from close to $4k. 

One could argue that the underlying technologies are expensive but it does not dismiss the fact that the retail price of MLM products is highly-inflated.

Most of the revenue goes to compensate brand partners on different tiers that qualify for the commissions. 

It’s also not easy to sell a $3,000+ product every now and then. 

Minimum Sales Value Required

You need to keep a minimum of 60 CV per 30 days if you’re to continue receiving residual commissions and team bonuses for class 1 products. If you’re promoting higher-end products, which is where the money is, you’ll need to sell at least an Avacen 100, which cost $3,995, every 180 days.

If you’re good at network marketing, it should be a breeze. Else, you’ll spend weeks pitching, networking, and hoping that you made that one sale. 

Still, you can take a laid-back approach and earn only from the direct sales commission, which doesn’t require a minimum monthly CV. 

Difficult To Move Up The Rank

The power of earning lies in the rank as an independent brand partner. And it isn’t that easy to climb. 

To progress from junior and senior, you’ll need to sell a total of $18,000 worth of commissionable volume. That’s 5 units of Avacen 100. 

That’s as far as you can go with NuLife Ventures if you’re operating solo. You need a team of 5 personally enrolled Seniors if you’re to make the rank of a Director. Remember that not every one of your recruits is a high-performer. 

Verdict : Is NuLife Ventures A Scam?

No, I don’t believe that NuLife Ventures is a scam. From what I’ve gathered, NuLife Ventures is a legit MLM opportunity.

It joins the ranks of Arbonne International and RF3 World as legit MLM in the health niche.

If you’re a good networker and a pro-MLM person, there’s no harm in joining NuLife Ventures. You can potentially make your way up to be a top-earning partner.

However, I wouldn’t join NuLife Ventures, or any MLM at all, because of their limited potential. The odds of making it to the top is low despite the lucrative compensation plan.

Numbers don’t lie, particularly on a report published on the FTC. According to the report, 99.6% of people joining an MLM eventually lose money. 

Given that NuLife Venture’s products are generally on the pricier side, I wouldn’t fancy the chance of a newbie making a decent income with the program.

A Legit MLM Alternative

My MLM Alternative

Look. I’ve nothing against a legit MLM. If you’re into endless recruitment, persuasion, sales, and customer support, what I’m going to share is obviously not for you.

However, if you’re looking for a regenerative income opportunity that does not depend on recruitment, sales, and support, then I’ll suggest try out affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when the customers you referred to suppliers result in sales. There’s no fancy compensation structure and no ‘retainer fee’ to keep your commission active. 

I was involved in MLM earlier in my teen, but affiliate marketing is now my preferred way of making money online. 

It’s alright if you’re totally new to affiliate marketing. I got started with this program in 2016 and have never looked back since. Check it out. It’s free to get started.