Is ClickWealth System A Scam? (Make $579/day?)

If you’re feeling confused after checking out ClickWealth System’s video, you’ve landed on the right page. It’s understandable if you start questioning if ClickWealth System is indeed a scam after all.

The over-hyped promo video, jargon like ‘customer middleman arbitrage’, and the mix-messaging of its income potential offer no help.

You’ll get the vibe of ‘it isn’t a get rich quick scheme’ vs. ‘look how these people made $3,000+ figures in 4 weeks”. 

ClickWealth System claims to be a do-it-for-you system, where you can start making money online without any professional training. 

For a system that costs $20,000 (according to its founder),  is coughing off $9 all it takes to generate income online? You’ll have the answer and more in this review. 

What is ClickWealth System?

  • Name: ClickWealth System
  • Website:
  • Founder: Matthew Tang
  • Cost: $9 + multiple upsells
  • Rating: 5/10

ClickWealth System is one of the many do-it-for-you make money online systems sold on ClickBank. If you’re not familiar with ClickBank, it is an online retailer for digital products. You can find good (or not-so-good) digital products on ClickBank.

Apparently, an internet marketer named Matthew Tang is behind ClickWealth System. There isn’t any social proof of his existence as a quick search on Google doesn’t return any associated profile of that name. 

It’s also pretty obvious that the narrator of the video isn’t a ‘Matthew Tang’. Usually, I’m quite suspicious when the owner of a program refuses to go public. But still, it does not necessarily mean that ClickWealth System isn’t legit. 

Matthew harps on a concept termed Customer Middleman Arbitrage, which is what ClickWealth System is based on. The fancy term that’s used is no other than affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an activity where you earn a commission for purchases when you direct customers to suppliers through affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is legit, but some programs that are built around it are not.

Make Money with REAL Affiliate Marketing Training

How Does ClickWealth System Work?

According to Matthew Tang, it only takes 3 steps to make money online with ClickWealth System.

  1. Choose a verified customer source from our insider list.
  2. Create a website using our cloud service with less than 5 clicks.
  3. Becoming the middleman by directing customer source to your website.

Basically, you’ll be creating a sales funnel using the tools within ClickWealth System and promote affiliate marketing products offer through solo ads. 

Specifically, you’ll be promoting ClickWealth System WITH ClickWealth System to potential subscribers. When someone signs up for ClickWealth System through your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission. 

(I’m not particularly fond of this particular business model, which I’ll explain later)

For that to happen, you’ll need to sign up for a ClickBank affiliate account and generate the affiliate link for ClickWealth System. 

Then, you’ll be urged to set up an autoresponder with GetResponse, to build your mailing list. After all, the list is where the big-ticket sales happen.

Next, comes the landing page, which you’ll set up using the templates provided by ClickWealth System. Take note that the landing page or website isn’t really yours as it’s built on ClickWealth System’s platform.

At this point, you won’t be making any money yet, because you’re missing an important ingredient in affiliate marketing; traffic.

You’ve got the choice of getting free traffic with the 30+ ways covered in a downloadable PDF e-book. However, free traffic takes time to build, which means you’ll get slower results. 

Alternatively, you can turn to ClickWealth System’s ‘insider list’ for traffic, which is none other than solo ads. Solo ads are where you promote your offer through someone’s else email list for a fee. 

How Much Does ClickWealth System REALLY Cost? 

You’ll get the impression that paying $9 and giving away your emails is all it takes to start making money online with ClickWealth System.

Like many other ClickBank products, there are other hidden upsells which will only be pushed to you after paying the initial $9. 

There are at least 3 upsells.

Upsell 1: The Profit Activator ($147)

The first upsell is a series of plugins that are designed to increase conversion rate. 

For example, a countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency and a banner that shows the expiration date of the offer. 

Upsell 2: Click Profit Multiplier ($148) 

This upgrade allows you to create unique swipe emails where you can send to your email subscribers on the backend.

12 Minute Affiliate, a similar (but better IMHO) program, offers 80 pre-built emails without paying additional fees.

Upsell 3: 5x Profit Multipler 

By forking out more for this upsell, you’ll get to build 5 more websites on ClickWealth Systems’s cloud platform, and potentially make more money.

Now, these upsells are optional, which means you can build your money-page without getting any of them. However, your success rate may be influenced by the additional investment, which is way higher than the $9. 

If you purchased all of the upsells, you’ll be down $400+ before making profit.

And if you think that’s about it, you’re wrong. As mentioned, the success of any affiliate marketing business model depends on traffic.

ClickWealth System prioritizes solo ads where it urged its members to purchase for faster results. Solo ads usually cost $1 per click and often sold in a pack of 100 clicks. 

As you ‘activate’ the traffic to your landing page, you’ll be spending at least another $100. That’s roughly $500+ if you’ve bought into all the upsells. 

The truth is, $9 won’t get you far in any affiliate marketing programs. Regardless of how automation has taken the bulk of the job, you’ll still need traffic, and paid traffic isn’t cheap. 

Tired of Costly Upsells? Here’s a better option.

Can You Make Money With ClickWealth System?

Matthew touted the success of a few of its members, where they made hundred of dollars per day with the system.

The question is, can you?

The answer lies in the the quality of the ads sources, and how much you’re willing to spend on the solo ads.

If you’re willing to spend enough money for the ‘clicks’, you’ll eventually make money. 

Here’s a sobering fact about solo ads. Not every single ‘clicks’ result in an optin to your email list. For a landing page, the average optin rate is 25%.

From that 25%, only 1% of the subscriber is likely to purchase the offered product. It means you’ll need to pay for at least 400 clicks to have a single sale. 

You can make money with the system, but it isn’t as easy or inexpensive as it’s made to be. Nor is it guaranteed to be profitable. 

What do I like About ClickWealth System?

There isn’t anything fancy about ClickWealth System when compared to similar but superior programs like Perpetual Income 365 and 12 Minute Affiliate

These programs are based on solo ads, promote Clickbank products but offer way more features for the price you paid. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The only plus point with the ClickWealth System is the 60 days money-back guarantee. Still, any ClickBank products will need to have a money-back clause.

Things I dislike

Frankly, ClickWealth System failed to leave a good impression, even as a typical ClickBank product.

Expensive Upsells 

After paying the initial $9, you’ll be bombarded with one upsells after another. These upsells, while optional, are decisive in increasing conversion or maxmising the income.

Like it or not, you’ll need to pay an extra $400-$500 to get the full benefit of the system. Typically, the upsells were never mentioned when you’re signing up for the progrma.

Who Is Matthew Tang?

I have no doubt that the creator of ClickWealth System is a prolific internet marketer. What I’m doubting is the existence of Matthew Tang. 

There wasn’t a single public profile for such a successful internet marketer, which seems suspicious to me. 

No Real Training

With all the hype about ‘customer middleman arbitrage’, you’ll expect decent training on affiliate marketing.

You’ll get an introduction to what affiliate marketing is all about, but that’s it. If you’re looking for information of how to build affiliate marketing websites that work on every niche, you’ll be disappointed.

The only real training that you’ll get is how to use the system to make money from users signing up to the same system. 

By itself, ClickWealth System only works for the make money online niche, specifically in promoting ClickBank products. 

Unsubstantiated Income Claims

Matthew claimed that he made $10,000+ months after his first affiliate paycheck. Unlike the members’ testimonial, it was not substantiated by proofs. A simple screenshot of his affiliate commission will be convincing.  

Is ClickWealth System A Scam?

No, ClickWealth System isn’t a scam.

With that said, it isn’t a very good program either, be it in the make money online or affiliate marketing space.

ClickWealth System operates on a model that has been repeated by many other internet marketers. 

However, it is strictly limited in promoting itself to others to unsuspecting users. I find such model disturbing as it lacks any real retail value.

Say, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing but you want to promote pocket drones, the system doesn’t work for the target audience.

It only works when you’re promoting ClickBank make money online products to users who are looking for quick ways to generate online income.

I find it unethical, as opposed to what Matthew claimed. 

ClickWealth System doesn’t explicitly lie in its promotion, but it keeps many hidden truth untold. 

How I Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

I prefer building sustainable affiliate marketing businesses that are not limited to a specific platform. 

Also, I hate costly upsells that came as rude surprises. 

I tend to avoid programs like ClickWealth System, because it doesn’t offer any real affiliate marketing training.

The fact that it’s highly dependent on solo ads is also a no-no for me. Not that solo ads are bad, but I believe in getting free, yet quality traffic. 

That’s the reason I stuck with this affiliate marketing program since 2016. It teaches you to build real affiliate marketing businesses. 

There are no costly upsells, and affiliate marketers learn how to tap on the largest free high-quality traffic source. 

Learn more about my top recommended program here.

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