Is Perpetual Income 365 A Scam (Make $432 Daily?)

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Of late, there’s a growing hype with Perpetual Income 365, and if you’re wondering if it’s a scam, I’ll have the truth revealed for you.

Because scams are aplenty in the online marketing world. Particularly one that peddles hopes of making $432 per day or tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Often, it starts with a ‘Free’ sign up, and before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars for upsells, and have nothing to show in return.

I hope it’s not the case with Perpetual Income 365, but I’ll leave that for you to judge at the end of this review.

So, let’s get started.

What Is The Perpetual Income 365?

Name: Perpetual Income 365

Founder: Shawn Josiah


Cost: $47/month + Upsells

Rating: 6/10

From its promo video, it’s impossible to know what Perpetual Income 365 is all about. You’ll be told tales of how Shawn Josiah has been manipulating a loophole in Netflix’s secret algorithm to make tens of thousands of dollars month.

The narration goes to the extent of claiming how Shawn Josiah was an employee of Netflix before he came across this life-changing secret. While Shawn Josiah is a real Singaporean internet marketer, I can’t find any professional relationship between Shawn and Netflix.

So, what’s the connection with Netflix and Perpetual Income 365?

I can’t find any, except that it’s referring to the science of micro commitment, which isn’t any hidden secret. It’s a marketing concept that gets users to sign in for a cheap offer and market more expensive products later. 

Perpetual Income 365, is an affiliate marketing platform that provides ready-made for your landing page templates, swipe emails, and based on the idea of running solo ads. It also contains a few video courses on how to drive traffic with solo ads.

This program targets newbie who has never made any money online before. From its promo materials, Perpetual Income 365 makes affiliate marketing seem easy and plays around the idea that you can be successful with very little effort (and investment). 

But that changes in the member’s area, where you’ll get a realistic take of affiliate marketing and it’s not a get-rich-quick path to success. 

How Much Does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

You’ll get the impression that you can sign up to Perpetual Income 365 for free, as you get to ‘Claim Your Spot’ with just a name an email.

But, that quickly turned into another video pitch of how the Netflix secret algorithm theory continues and the real cost of getting access to the program. 

You’ll have to fork out $9 for a 14 days trial and after it ends, you’ll be charged $47 per month. It isn’t considerably expensive for an affiliate program, provided that it delivers results.

However, some courses int the are only available as separate upsells, which cost more than $100+. 

How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work

Perpetual Income 365 offers affiliate marketing newbies to quickly patch up a system that, hopefully, generates recurring income.

It does have some video training that will benefit beginners. 

The basic principles of how Perpetual Income 365 has nothing to do with Netflix. Instead, it is about creating landing pages for a particular niche and driving traffic from solo ads to the page. The aim is to build an email list where you can continuously promote affiliate products to subscribers.

Shawn Josiah is known for his success in promoting ClickBank products. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Perpetual Income 365 is designed to promote products in the ClickBank marketplace.

The program offers templates for landing pages to choose from (but you can’t customize them). But the real time-saving benefits of Perpetual Income 365 are the do-it-for-you 30 days email templates which you can feed it into the autoresponder. 

It helps if you’re not terribly good in creating sales copy or emails with high converting rates.

But, the decisive factor in affiliate marketing success is the ability to drive traffic to your landing pages. With Perpetual Income 365, you’ll be getting traffic via solo ads.

If you’re not familiar with solo ads, it’s basically paying to owners of email lists to promote your offer. You can buy solo ads package within the program, which will send traffic to your money page. 

Now, the question lies in the opt-in rate, and ultimately, conversion. These factors depend on the quality of the email list and whether it matches the products you’re promoting. It’s quite typical to get a 1% sales conversion with solo ads.

So if you’re paying $50 for 100 clicks, expect only 1 to convert into sales. 

Check out this article for a more realistic perspective on solo ads.

What I Like About Perpetual Income 365

Unlike many outright scams, there are a few pros that I like with this program.

1. Real Owner

Shawn Josiah is a real owner and has been in the internet marketing industry for quite a while. It’s usually a good sign that a program is legit if it the owner is making his/her presence public. 

2. Useful training courses

Whether you’re in favor of solo ads or not, you get to learn something about traffic generation with Perpetual Income 365. Traffic is akin to the blood of affiliate marketing. Without visitors, paid or otherwise, you’ll be staring at zero revenue even if you’ve got an amazing landing page. 

You’ll also get to learn what affiliate marketing is about. It’s a subject that can be confusing for some, particularly one who’s never explored the possibility of making money online by recommending customers to vendors. 

3.  Private Facebook community

Unlike all the glamorous stories being told, making money online can be a lonely journey. Imagine spending hours, days after days, in front of your laptop researching and trying new techniques.

So, having a private Facebook community is a great way to keep members connected. It allows conversations, sharing success stories, and bouncing questions to the more experienced members. 

What I Dislike About Perpetual Income 365

1. Expensive Upsells

If you think that paying $47 per month will give you access to everything on Perpetual Income 365, you’re wrong. Some of the courses are only available after paying a separate fee, on top of the monthly fee that you’re already paying. 

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing product and it’s listed on Clickbank. In its affiliate offering, it isn’t why to state that marketers could make up to $343.49 per sale from many of the monthly upsells. 

It just speaks volumes of how costly it can be if you invested in every upsells. 

2. You’re Limited To Promoting Only ONE Product

For the first 31 days, you’ll be promoting a single product, and guess what, it’s Perpetual Income 365. You can’t use the system to promote a niche that you’re passionate in until you’re done marketing the program to others.

So, for the first 31 days, you’ll be trying to make money promoting a program that teaches how to make money.

Any early success stories are from members that promote the programs to people like you and me. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may imply that the system may not work as brilliantly for other niches. 

Still, if you don’t like the restriction, or trying to market a product that hasn’t generate revenue to others, you’ll want to try another affiliate marketing coaching program.

3. Money page templates are not modifiable

Whatever templates that you get on Perpetual Income 365, you’ll be using them as they are. This can be a problem when there are more members joining the program. 

Even if you’ve got more than a handful to choose from, they become repetitive and you can only hope that the members are not promoting to the same group of email lists. 

4. You can lose LOTSA money with solo ads

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose large sums of money with solo ads. Even for experienced marketers, solo ads can still be a bad investment.

You’ll need to ask questions like is the email list you’re promoting to high quality? Is the list the right match for what you’re promoting?

Here’s a member who’s definitely on the losing end with this program. (source). 

Can You Make Money With Perpetual Income 365?

Yes, you can. 

But the question is, at what cost?

Perpetual Income 365 proudly displays testimonials from members who have ‘made it’ by prompting the same program to others.

It’s the same strategy that has been used over and over again in the make money online industry. 

That $432 per day? Or the thousand dollars days shown in the program, are not typical results. It’s clearly spelled out in fine prints on the site. 

The logic behind this model of affiliate marketing is simple. You promote your offer to existing email lists with solo ads. There is no guarantee that of the clicks that you’ll get and the quality of those that occur. 

I’ve just highlighted a former member who potentially spent $1,000 with nothing to show.

But to be fair, let’s take a look at what a seasoned internet marketer could produce with Perpetual Income 365. (source)

Jeff Lenney had better luck and made $680 from the $500 invested in the solo ads. But remember, Jeff Lenney is an experienced marketer. He knew about testing the campaigns before scaling. 

An inexperienced newbie does not, and hence, there’s a huge chance of losing money. 

Verdict – Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam? 

No, I don’t believe that Perpetual Income 365 is a scam. It is a legit affiliate marketing program alight but it’s not one that I believe is the most effective in terms of traffic.

Solo ads, if anything, is a strategy that has been repeated over and again by many internet marketers. The Super Affiliate Network, for example, is also based on solo ads. 

There’s no harm in trying out Perpetual Income 365 if you have few hundreds of dollars to spare.

It may work for some niches but it shouldn’t be the only thing that drives traffic to your site. I prefer a better option, which is organic traffic.

Compared to solo ads, organic traffic from search engines like Google does not require a fee. You’ll get them every single day once you’ve laid down the foundation. 

There is also no guesswork on the quality of the search traffic. If you’re targeting certain keywords from Google, you know that the audience is ready to buy.

So, Perpetual Income 365 is not a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. If you want to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business that works with, or without solo ads, I’ll recommend trying out Wealthy Affiliate.

There are NO costly upsells and you get 7-days FREE access to all of the premium training courses. 

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