Should you give your email address to The Super Affiliate Network? Is it legit or just another scam in the crowded make money online industry? 

Like many similar programs that claim to empower entrepreneurs to build the ultimate ‘lifestyle business’, you ought to be slightly skeptical about it.

So, I’ve signed up for The Super Affiliate Network to check out what the hype is all about. Read on and find out if it’s worth paying for. 

What is The Super Affiliate Network

  • Name:  The Super Affiliate Network
  • Owner: Misha Wilson
  • Price: Starting from $7 (with upsells up to $12,497)
  • Rating: 5/10

On its homepage, you’ll get a brief description of what The Super Affiliate Network is all about. It claims to provide cutting edge tactics to help affiliate marketers in growing their businesses to the next level.

The program is created by Misha Wilson, who, according to information on the site, starts making 6 figures at 24. Misha Wilson is incredibly popular within his circle for The Super Affiliate Network members and has a sizable following on social media.  

The Super Affiliate Network also has actively-manage social media pages and a private Facebook group accessible to its premium members. This certainly adds an air of legitimacy for this program.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and has been around for quite a while. There are, however, various strategies on making money from affiliate marketing.

Misha Wilson’s program focuses on running solo ads and email marketing. The courses offered in this program are geared towards generating paid traffic into a funnel and building your email list. 

If you check out the product page, you’ll find the following products listed:

  • The Profit Boosting Bootcamp ($7) – You get access to 15 modules of training about affiliate marketing strategies. 
  • The Solo Ad Success Formula ($297) – 11 modules of how to use solo ads to generate leads.
  • The IM Profit Formula (FREE + $7 Shipping Fee)  –  A hardcopy book with tips of leveraging ads and funnels to maximize profit.
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle ($297) – An annual membership that will grant you access to personal coaching and other premium courses.

There are a couple of high-ticket products that are not listed on the page but will be eventually marketed to paying members.

  • The Maui Intensive Coaching And Mentorship Program – A mastermind meetup event with trainers and successful marketers in Maui. The price is not listed but was previously quoted at $12,497.

What Do You Get From The Super Affiliate Network?

If you’ve gone through marketers promoting The Super Affiliate Network (SAN), they sure make building wealth with affiliate marketing looks easy. 

The Profit Shortcut, which is a funnel page by one of their affiliate marketers, Keysha, gives off the impression like you’ll start making hundreds of dollars per day within weeks after signing up. 

So, I decided to sign up to the SAN, since it’s free to do so.

Once I submitted the sign-up form, I was brought to the sales page for SAN-Bootcamp, which cost $7. 

There’s just no way to create a free account at The Super Affiliate Network. You’ll have to pay a minimum of $7 to access its basic training.

And so, I did. 

With the payment, I got access to the profit Bootcamp. My business advisor, who functions as a coach, is listed at the right panel. 

Courses in the Profit Bootcamp are separated into 3 phases with each phase containing 5 modules.

For $7, you’ll only have IMMEDIATE FREE access to only 3 of the 15 modules in the Profit Bootcamp.

And for the 3 modules, which span more than 2.5 hours, you’ll be learning about money mindset, subconscious, and the BASIC of affiliate marketing.

Such pieces of info are easily available online and often at no cost.

The remaining 12 modules, which dive into the real-deal of affiliate marketing, are blocked until you schedule a call with your coach. 

So, not only you don’t get a FREE account with SAN, but only 3 of the 15 modules are accessible after paying $7.

For the rest of the courses, you’ll have to have a nice little chat with their coach. 

Personally, such tactics turn me off, as I couldn’t help but have the impression that it will be a conversation that leads to paying for the annual membership before getting further.

I could be wrong, but misleading tactics are red flags of what’s ahead. And so, I check out feedback from members who’ve upgraded and if they’re getting any real results.

What I found is disconcerting. 

Can You Make Money From The Super Affiliate Network? 

The Super Affiliate Network used to operate as an MLM, but it has since adopted the affiliate marketing model, where members earn commission by promoting its products.

Here’s the commission structure:

Now, I have no problem with programs or products offering high commission rates to marketers, as long as it adds value to the consumers.

What I mean is, The Super Affiliate Network claims to offer ‘cutting edge’ marketing tactics that help affiliate marketers to grow their businesses.

It means that affiliate marketers should be able to gain success regardless of their niches. They could be promoting pots and pans and still, remarkably increase their profit by what’s taught at The Super Affiliate Network.

Sadly, I see no hints of such results.

Keysha, an affiliate marketer who seems to be wildly successful, does so by promoting The Super Affiliate Network itself.

And here’s what a member commented on the program. (source)

Programs like SAN are uncannily similar to MOBE, a high-ticket program that has been shut down by FTC.

It seems that the only way to make decent earnings with SAN is to promote SAN. Else, you’ll be joining the other ‘average’ members who seem to be earning $500- $2,000 per year. (It’s spelled out in their earning disclaimer)

Remember that SAN does not offer you any tools to build your business. It does provide paid traffic for leads generation, but that depends whether you’re a full paying member.

For $7, you don’t have any of that.

To build an affiliate marketing business that leverages email marketing, you’ll need a website, autoresponder, and content. These are costs that are yet to be covered by the membership fee.

You could probably make some money with SAN, but will you be profitable if your result is ‘typical’.  

What I Like About The Super Affiliate Network

1. Wisha Milson Is A Real Person

Unlike many other scams, Wisha Milson is real and you’ll be seeing him frequently in the tutorial videos. The fact that the owner is making his presence felt is a reassuring gesture that this program is here in the long run. 

2. A private Facebook community group

Affiliate marketing, as lucrative it is, is an industry fraught with challenges and changing trends. By setting up a private Facebook Group, SAN members have the opportunity to share thoughts with each other and pick up tips from experienced marketers. It’s a good move by The Super Affiliate Marketing Network.

3. Real Training Videos

The videos that you’ll get when paying for the program are real. While they may not be to my liking, these videos could be inspirational and help those who are just venturing into affiliate marketing.

What I Dislike About The Super Affiliate Network

1. Misleading Marketing Message

First, you got the message that creating an account on The Super Affiliate Network is FREE. 

Then, it turns out you need to purchase The Profit Boosting Bootcamp, which costs $7. 

You’re supposed to get 15 modules, after paying the $7, except it isn’t as easy as it seems. The additional step of getting into a call with a ‘business adviser’ before unlocking the modules doesn’t go well with me.

2. Limited Income Potential (except if you’re promoting SAN)

SAN has highlighted that members earn an average of $500- $2,000 per year, which is pretty low for affiliate marketing.

I’ve made the minimum average earning on SAN with this program in 2018, by building a legit online business. 

If you’re paying for lower-tier membership, your earnings with SAN could be quite limited.

This former member signed up for $1, but if you’re paying more than that a month, it may not be worthwhile.

3. Can Get VERY Expensive

Affiliate marketing is real and you can make money from it. The question is, do you need to pay an exorbitant fee for the information to get you there.

Mind you that SAN doesn’t offer web hosting, content editor, and keyword tools to help you build a sustainable online business. What you’re paying is only for the courses, paid traffic, and coaching.

And it could get very expensive.

Check this out.

And this.

And that’s not even about paying $12,000+ for the MasterMind event to pick up the brains of the trainers. 

4. FTC Doesn’t Like This Business Model

The FTC frowns upon the business model that SAN is based on. It’s strikingly similar to MOBE, another high-ticket program promoting wealth-creating education. 

Such programs get users to register by offering an irresistible offer, and then, upselling pricier products. 

Members that are high-earners turn out to be those promoting the program itself. It brings the question of whether the training is applicable outside of the program.

MOBE was shut down by the FTC in 2018.

5. It Makes Being Successful Sounds Too Easy

Throughout the videos in SAN, you’re being told that you’ll be getting a system with 95% of the hard work automated and you’ll only have to do the 5%. 

Somehow, Misha makes generating immense wealth through affiliate marketing sounds easy.

Yet, when you read the fine prints on the disclaimer, you’ll find that the program states that success requires skills, knowledge, efforts, and depends on individuals.

It acknowledges the fact that most members never make more than $2,000 a year, despite the built-for-you system. 

If you’re unlucky, you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars, without seeing any earnings coming your way.

I prefer a program that doesn’t make misleading implications about affiliate marketing. It can be profitable, but you have to put in the effort. 

Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

I wouldn’t brand the Super Affiliate Network as a scam. If you’re willing to risk thousands of dollars promoting the program to others, you could make money. 

Yet, I wouldn’t say that it’s an excellent affiliate marketing training program. The value of the training is questionable, compared with the expensive price tags on the courses.

The program focuses on driving paid traffic to solo ads and it is responsible for providing the leads. 

The problem is when you’re bombarding a group of users with similar templates, messaging, and offer, the opt-in rate may drop in the long run. 

Don’t get me wrong, advertising is a good way to substantially increase traffic to your site, but for the price the program is charging, it should be covering other aspects like SEO.

With SEO, you get constant leads to your business without running ads. 

For now, SAN has brilliantly navigated through the regulations from being labeled a scam. But that doesn’t mean it won’t attract the FTC’s attention in the future.

Should you join The Super Affiliate Network?

If you don’t mind paying $7 for 2.5 hours of videos on money mindset, subconscious, business, and affiliate marketing in general, go for it.

The information that you’ll get without forking hundreds or thousands of dollars is at best, good for beginners.

However, If you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch and not be obstructed by expensive upsells from ‘personal coaches’, I’ll suggest checking out this program, which I’ve been a member of since 2016.

Unlike The Super Affiliate Network, you get to create an account for FREE. It offers a 7-days Trial where you’ll get access to all the training, tools, and members like paying members.

Did I mention tools? 

Because you’ll need the best tools to build an affiliate marketing business. It has a website builder, keyword research tool, affiliate program search, and more without additional cost.

And you’ll be picking up techniques that allow you to be successful not only in promoting digital products but also in niches that you’re passionate about.