Every time a new MLM pops up, we need to take extra care that we’re not throwing our money into a pyramid scheme. You should always question everything: who founded the company, how it makes money, its compensation plan, etc., etc., etc.

This time, we’re questioning NeXarise LTD, a startup MLM company coming straight from the UK and Scandinavia. What’s this new company’s aim? What do they provide? To begin with, do we even need their help? And the most important of all: is NeXarise a scam?

What is NeXarise?

  • Name: NeXarise
  • Website: nexarise.com
  • Founders: Ahmed Mukhtar, Asad Ali, Liju Thomas 
  • Cost: £199 for new members
  • Rating: Unrated/10

NeXarise European Services LTD is a UK home-based business opportunity for individuals who, as they say, “want more of life.” Like other MLM businesses, it invites you to join their marketing chain in selling the offered products and services.

As for now, they’re focusing on distributing business opportunities for people living in the UK and Scandinavia. However, that doesn’t limit their chance to reach bigger communities around the world as their main goal is to change lives to be better globally.

The founders of NeXarise are actually formers ACN distributors who decided to team-up and create a new business. These people include Ahmed Mukhtar as the President, Asad Ali as the Chairman, and Liju Thomas as the CEO. On their Meet the Founders page, each is given a complete bio on previous professional experiences. 

What Does NeXarise Have to Offer?

As the new MLM on the block, NeXarise is actually brave enough to offer many products and services. Although their official website lists every name of the products and services, there’s no description of each.

Instead, they write about the do’s and don’t’s for potential affiliates as if that’s exactly what people look for on that particular page. Fortunately, some people on the internet registered for a NeXarise webinar and luckily got the slightest explanation of each. In referring to them, here’s a list of what we’ve got.

Lifestyle by NeXarise

A travel booking portal service that has three membership categories: Silver £36/month, Gold £55.20/month, Platinum £84/month.

Arise Academy

A forex trading education available in two membership categories: NexLite £120/month, NexPro £149/month.

HomeCare by NeXarise

A home emergency cover that’s provided through PlusHeat. It has three membership categories: Standard £13.90/month, Premium £21.90/month, Platinum £29.90/month.


Insurance that’s provided through WealthMax. Not a lot of info provided about NexProtect.


A call service that’s provided through O2 and Vodafone, starting from £16 to £48/month.

Business Energy

Offering business utilities by LA Supply. There’s no information regarding fees either.

Tech by NexArise

Unfortunately, on the webinar, they didn’t cover any explanation or the slightest information about this specific product while on the website it’s clearly listed too (but of course, they talk about the do’s and don’t’s when dealing with customers).

What Does It Cost to Join NeXarise?

Once you register as a NeXarise affiliate, you need to pay £199 GBP. Then, in the following months, you only need to pay £20.40 GBP/month.

To retain your active status, you’ll simply have to play along with NeXarise’s ranking system by maintaining as much PV (Personal Volume) as you could as well as generating and maintaining your GV (Group Volume) each month.

PV refers to the amount of retail selling you make, while GV is the amount of retail selling you and your downlines are able to make in a month. Once you get ahead of the game, then you’ll start ranking up as an IBO (a newly signed-up NeXarise affiliate).

The highest you could reach is the Senior Vice President Crown rank, which requires you to maintain 150 PV for a month as well as generate and maintain 11,200,000 GV a month.

As for membership packages, NexArise doesn’t provide any. Everyone should pay the registering fee of a £199 GBP to join directly.

How Do You Make Money with NeXarise?

NeXarise affiliates earn money by making as much PV as they possibly could. Here’s a little portrayal of how much personal sales commission an affiliate could get in a month:

  • Generating 150 to 299 PV in a month equals 1% of generated PV
  • Generating 300 to 699 PV in a month equals 3% of generated PV
  • Generating 700 to 999 PV in a month equals 5% of generated PV
  • Generating 1000 to 1999 PV in a month equals 10% of generated PV
  • Generating 2000 BV or more in a month equals 20% on generated PV.

Residual commissions are also paid to the affiliates based on their ranks. Notice that IBO and Customer Qualified IBO ranks won’t receive any of this commission yet unless they level up. The details are as follows:

  • Executive Team Trainer 100 receives £100/month
  • Executive Team Trainer 250 receives £250/month
  • Executive Team Leader 500 receives £500/month
  • Executive Team Leader 1000 receives £1000/month
  • Team Coordinator 3000 receives £3000/month
  • Team Coordinator 5000 receives £5000/month
  • Regional Director 10K receives £10,000/month
  • Regional Vice President 20K receives £20,000/month
  • Regional Vice President 50K receives £50,000/month
  • Regional Vice President 100K receives £100,000/ month
  • Senior Vice President 200K receives £200,000/month
  • Senior Vice President 500K receives £500,000/month
  • Senior Vice President Crown receives £1,000,000/month

Additionally, there are rank achievement bonuses apply to everyone who’s achieved the Team Coordinator rank and higher. The details are as below:

  • Achieving Team Coordinator 3000 receives £5000
  • Achieving Regional Director 10K receives £10,000
  • Achieving Regional Vice President 50K for three consecutive months receives £50,000
  • Achieving Senior Vice President 200K for three consecutive months receives £300,000
  • Achieving Senior Vice President 500K for three consecutive months receives £750,000
  • Achieving Senior Vice President Crown for three consecutive months receives £3,000,000

NeXarise also has a bonus system that they address as Fast Start Bonuses that are time-oriented and rank-based.

For example, a new member that could achieve the Customer Qualified IBO rank in just 30 days is awarded £50 GBP. Higher rank affiliates are eligible for a 90-day bonus qualification period, but no details are provided.

Moreover, they also have a Global Leadership Pool system. The amount of 1% of the company-wide sales is put in the Global Leadership Pool, and affiliates with Regional Vice President 50K or higher ranks are eligible to receive this amount annually.

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Things I Like About NeXarise

Based on their Meet the Founders page, NeXarise founding fathers seem to have very high credibility in the network marketing field. Also, the fact that they were former affiliates of other MLM companies who decided to start a new beginning to help more people having better lives is pretty thoughtful.

Things I Dislike About NeXarise

It’s too bad that NeXarise couldn’t take proper care of their website. They went with all the details explaining what they want to do for other people and all these ranking systems, but they missed on making a good first impression.

Irrelevant information on their product list now makes them smell a bit fishy. They didn’t even explain their general compensation plan publicly.

Here’s Something Better

Verdict: Too Early to Tell

If the business is geared towards selling its products/services like Elepreneurs, then it’s not a scam. On the other hand, if recruitment is its primary revenue, then it is heading towards a Pyramid scheme like Paraiba.

However, it’s hard not to go back to the fact that they effortlessly ignore the main point of the company’s aim, that’s selling products and services.

Instead of blindly trusting a company with an unclear future, you should put your efforts into something that actually pays off: affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote products from large or indie companies, and for each sale you helped create, you’re entitled to a cut of the profits. You can promote through videos, social media, or by creating your own blog site and writing reviews there.

It’s a lot easier than constantly bugging your friends and neighbors to join an MLM that might not be as legitimate as it comes off.