You may have come across the name Nevetica, particularly if you own a dog or have been approached by someone who’s preaching about its MLM opportunity. It’s only natural when you start questioning if Nevetica is a legit business or a scam pretending to be the former. 

Well, the good news is, Nevetica isn’t an outright scam. With that said, I wouldn’t claim that it’s a good money-making opportunity. Not if you’re hoping to make consistent passive income. 


Bear with me, read on and you’ll find the questions answered in the review.

What Is Nevetica?

  • Name: Nevetica International
  • Founder: Dr. Lance London
  • Website:
  • Cost: Starting from $35
  • Rating: 4/10

Nevetica was founded in 2016 by Dr. Lance London. Dog owners would emphatize with the founding story of the company, where Dr. London nurses his stroke-stricken dog back to health after finding it almost lifeless at his home.

Throughout the dog’s recovery, Dr. London discovered the importance of getting the right diet and supplementary nutrition for his pet dog. He also discovered that the pet industry is not only lucrative but one that’s recession-proof. 

Driven by his love for pets and the potential of where the pet industry is heading, Dr. London created Nevetica. It’s a primarily online business that targets dog owners. Nevetica offers pet health assessment and also a wide range of products tailored for the well-being of dogs.

Dr. Landon is also the entrepreneur behind Carolina Kitchen, which has been doing great in various states in the US. It’s only natural that there’s a growing expectation for Nevetica to replicate the same success.

What Does Nevetica Offer?

If you wanted your dog to be in the best of health, you’ll need to get the nutrition and care needed. That’s where Nevetica comes in with its range of products. Nevetica’s flagship products are its various pet nutrition, which is tailored for digestive, joints, skin & coat, and calming effect for the dog. 

Besides nutrition, Nevetica also offers pet-care products like dental chew, anti-itch spray, paw protector, waterless shampoo, and liquid absorbent. 

Each of its products is accompanied by a simple description and the benefits for the dog. You’ll be prompted to take a Pet Health Assessment when you’re buying the product, although it’s entirely optional.  

How Do You Make Money With Nevetica?

Nevetica has an MLM program that you can join and start earning commission promoting its products. Its MLM model is pretty simple, with a standard unilevel structure.

The commissions and bonuses that you can earn as a distributor vary according to your rank. 

Nevetica doesn’t have a compensation plan on its website, but it does have a short video explaining how it works.

There are 14 ranks that separate Nevetica distributors. A new distributor starts as a Nevetica Pet Consultant and gradually climbs the rank to reach the Black Diamond. Like any MLM, the higher rank you are, the better your earning rates and rewards are. 

As a distributor, you get to make money by selling the products or building a team that closes the sale.

A 35% commission is paid each week for each product you sell to a customer. You’ll also make up to 15% of the first order bonus from your downlines 3 levels deep.

With a team that’s adept in closing sales, you’ll also enjoy the unilevel bonus that stretches 6 levels deep. If you’ve achieved the rank of President, you’ll get a percentage of sales for every level that stretches infinitely. 

Nevetica also offers other tempting rewards like the Income Match Bonus and Leadership Advancement Bonus, which serves as a motivation for distributors to grow their team.

What Does It Cost To Join Nevetica?

It takes only $35 to join Nevetica as its distributor, but you’ll need to fork out $199 for a business kit if you wanted the training material.

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What I Like About Nevetica

It’s A Real Business With Real Product

By now, it’s pretty obvious that Nevetica is a real business backed by retailable products. As long as its priority is selling the products and recruiting for the sake of doing so, there’s no risk of Nevetica turning into a pyramid scheme.

Nevetica’s founders, Dr. London, also has a solid track record in running a business. He has proven to be successful with Carolina Kitchen and that lends credibility to Nevetica. 

Focused Niche

Rather than entering the broad pet niche, Nevetica focuses on the dog market, which is a good strategy. It allows the business to focus on a target audience and build a solid foundation in the market.

As a distributor, you’ll have an easier task of familiarizing yourself with a targetted group of products instead of a broad range of offerings. 

Things I Dislike

Promoting Pet Supplements Isn’t Easy

While all dog owners would love the best for their pet, selling them supplements isn’t an easy task, particularly if the product has not been tested. You’re sure to come across customers who are reluctant to introduce new supplements to their dogs without consulting a vet.

You may find yourself limited to non-supplement products, such as the liquid absorbent and paw protector, which limits your earning potential.

Potentially Expensive To Join

Yes, it takes only $35 to join as a Nevetica distributor. But if you want to get all the training kits, you’ll have to fork out $199.

You’ll be a better promoter if you’ve tried out the products for your dog, and that may cost another $495 for the bundle pack. 

Joining Nevetica can cost you close to $700 before you even landed a sale. 

Here’s Something Better

No Clear Compensation Plan

Most legit MLM would have prepared a comprehensive compensation that’s made public. I mean, you wanted to know how it works before joining one.

Nevetica’s video may shed some light on its MLM structure but still doesn’t replace a detailed compensation plan drafted on paper. 

Is Nevetica A Scam?

Nope. Nevetica is not a scam. It is a legit business that’s based on the MLM structure. It’s similar to how Emris International and Elepreneurs work, except that Nevetica is in the pet niche. 

With that said, I’m skeptical about the earning potential of being Nevetica’s distributor. Most MLM members lose money and that’s 99% of them according to a published study by the FTC. 

You’ll be dependent on your circle of friends and family in the beginning. Once you’ve exhausted that, that’s where your struggle starts. 

To succeed at MLM, you’ll need to spend considerable effort in building your team. If your passion is promoting and selling pet products and not recruitment, you’ll hit a stumbling block.

I’ve tried a couple of MLM businesses and decided that recruitment is not my cup of tea. Since then, I’m committed to building online businesses that are not dependent on recruitment, logistics and customer support.

What I’m doing now is affiliate marketing, where I send customers to vendors and generate commissions from purchases made. 

It allows me more freedom and doesn’t cost $199 or $35 to start. Check out this affiliate marketing training that allows me to generate online passive income.