If you’ve been invited to join CyberChain but you’re having second thoughts, you’ve landed on the right page. By the end of this article, you’ll know for sure if CyberChain is legit, or a scam.

What Is CyberChain?

  • Name: CyberChain
  • Founder: Not Stated
  • Website: cyberchain.cc
  • Cost: 100 Tron ( Approx. $2.60)
  • Rating: 1/10

CyberChain gives little away to what it is from its single-page website. There are no descriptions of what it’s all about, who’s running it, or how do you make money from it.

All you’ll get from the interface is that it’s an MLM. (‘Upline’ is a giveaway) and it has something to do with cryptocurrency.

That’s because when you try to sign up for CyberChain, it prompts you for a TRON wallet. TRON is a cryptocurrency that is currently trading at $0.02644544. 

Apart from that, there’s nothing on the site that indicate who’s the owner of the program. A little sleuthing reveals that  SwissCoin is the company behind CyberChain.

SwissCoin, apparently, is involved in a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme in 2016. Check out the low down on SwissCoin here.

With the registrant being involved in Ponzi schemes in the past, it is very likely the CyberChain is an incarnation of SwissCoin.

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What Does CyberChain Offer?

My hunch of SwissCoin being yet another crypto Ponzi turns out to be true. While it operates with an MLM structure, it is in no way a legit MLM.

CyberChain does not offer tangible products or services, which legally rules out the program from being a legit MLM. 

It costs 100 Tron or approximately $2.60 to register as a CyberChain member.

When you join CyberChain, you’ll have the opportunity to promote it to others and profit from the commission as an MLM member. 

As a member, you can recruit 3 downlines at the first level and 9 downlines at level 2. CyberChain operates with a 3 x 2 matrix cycler which has 12 tiers in total. New members start at tier 1.

With each recruitment, you earn 50% of the commission from the fee/investment of each member. Filling up the 12 positions in the matrix will bag you 600 Tron

When the matrix is filled up, members can upgrade to the following tiers, which offers higher payout but require a larger investment.

Here are the details for tier 2-12.

  • Tier 2 – invest 200 TRX and get 1000 TRX with a tier 2 cycler position
  • Tier 3 – invest 400 TRX and get 2000 TRX with a tier 3 cycler position
  • Tier 4 – invest 800 TRX and get 4000 TRX with a tier 4 cycler position
  • Tier 5 – invest 1600 TRX and get 8000 TRX with a tier 5 cycler position
  • Tier 6 – invest 3200 TRX and get 16,000 TRX with a tier 6 cycler position
  • Tier 7 – invest 6400 TRX and get 32,000 TRX with a tier 7 cycler position
  • Tier 8 – invest 19,200 TRX and get 96,000 TRX with a tier 8 cycler position
  • Tier 9 – invest 57,600 TRX and get 288,000 TRX with a tier 9 cycler position
  • Tier 10 – invest 172,800 TRX and get 864,000 TRX with a tier 10 cycler position
  • Tier 11 – invest 518,400 TRX and get 2,592,000 TRX awith a tier 11 cycler position
  • Tier 12 – invest 1,555,200 TRX and receive 7,776,000 TRX with a tier 12 cycler position

As you can see, the only way to make money is to invest and recruit new members to fill up the position.

What I Like About CyberChain?

Does it surprise you when I say there’s absolutely nothing likable with CyberChain?

Things I Dislike (and Red Flags)

1. Lack of Information

You don’t get the slightest detail of CyberChain on its website. Not even a tagline that says ‘make money with cryptocurrency’. The lack of information, particularly on the owner is disconcerting.

I’ve come across many scam sites, and not being transparent is a common red flag.

2. No real products/services.

CyberChain doesn’t offer real products or services. Basically, it has no retail values. You only make money by recruiting people to join the program, which is a bad, really bad sign. 

There are no indications the program is investing your money in a legit way, which means, whatever return you get is solely from recruitment. 

As the pyramid structure grows, and new recruitment dwindles, there will be a shortage of funds going into the program. That’s when you get excuses and delayed payout, which are signs that the end is near for an unsustainable Ponzi.

3.  Unsustainable business model (and expensive)

If you think you’re going to make money for years with CyberChain, you’ll be in for a very rude surprise.

I was once a victim of such programs and it all seems pretty legit when you’re getting payouts. When the fund starts drying out, you got the impending feeling that things falling apart fast.

Programs like CyberChain will only last as long as there are unsuspecting members paying for a spot. 

The cost of investment starts low but rises exponentially. At tier 12, you’ll need to fork out over $40,000 with the hope of making 5 times the amount. 

Is CyberChain A Scam?

Yes. CyberChain joins programs like Forsage and Super One as crypto Ponzi scams. These programs lure members with the hope of making fast-quick money.

It is only a matter of time before it goes bust or closed down by the FTC. Fueled by greed, most members will reinvest their earnings, until they found tens of thousands are stuck as the program nears the end of its lifecycle.

Whatever you do, avoid CyberChain at all costs. It is nothing but an unsophisticated Ponzi scheme.

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