Cryptocurrencies MLMs are trending and with the introduction of BTTycoon, is your wait for a profitable crypto opportunity has ended? Or is BTTycoon another scam hiding in plain sight? 

Before you download and start playing BTTycoon (yes, it’s a game), check out what I’ve discovered about this unique, and tempting app.

While not all crypto opportunities are scams, many are nothing but pure Ponzi schemes. 

What Is BTTycoon?

  • Name: BTTycoon
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Website:
  • Cost: Free
  • Rating: 1/10

Very little is known about BTTycoon, except that it’s a mining game based on the BitTorrent (BTT) cryptocurrency. At the moment of writing, BTT is traded at $0.00031805 per coin. 

BTTycoon only has a mobile version website, and from what is shown, it is an app that could have originated in China. 

The site does not disclose who’s the owner nor the company behind the crypto-mining game. The domain of BTTycon was registered in March 2020, but details of ownership are hidden from the public.

What Does BTTycoon Offer?

There’s very little value for BTTycoon as a ‘game’. It will fail miserably in terms of fun factors. Anyway, people are downloading BTTycoon not because they feel bored, but the earning opportunities promised by the app.

Depending on your investment, you get to take on certain characters on the game where you’re promised a fixed amount of returns over time.

Here’s are the characters and their potential ROI. (source)

  • Western-style Restaurant Waiter- 103% over 24 hours with 150K-800K BTT investment.
  • Projectionist – 103.6% over 3 days with 400K – 1.2 mil BTT.
  • Western-style Restaurant Supervisor – 103.6% over 3 days with 300K -800K BTT investment. 
  • Supermarket Cashier – 103.6% over 3 days with 300K – 1 mil BTT investment.
  • Cinema Manager – 109.1% over 7 days with 500K – 1.8 mil BTT investment.
  • Supermarket Warehouse Manager – 109.1% over 7 days with 600K -1.5 mil BTT investment. 
  • Playground Security Guard – 122.5% over 15 days with 800K -1.5 mil BTT investment.
  • Quality Inspector- 122.5% over 15 days with 1mil – 2 mil BTT investment.
  • Playground Equipment Maintainer – 122.5% over 15 days with 1.2mil – 2 mil BTT investment.
  • R&D Engineer – 151% over 30 days with 1.5 mil – 3 mil BTT investment.
  • Video Game Key Animator – 151% over 30 days with 1.5 mil – 3 mil BTT investment.
  • Game Programmer – 154% over 30 days with 2.5 mil – 5 mil BTT investment.
  • Doctor – 190% over 45 days with 3 mil – 6 mil BTT investment.
  • University Math Teacher – 190% over 45 days with 3.5 mil – 6 mil investment.
  • Nurse – 154% over 30 days with 2.5 mil – 4.5 mil BTT investment.
  • University Physics Professor – 199% over 45 days with 5 mil- 10 mil BTT investment.
  • Community Convenience Store – 298% over a period of time with 9.98 mil BTT investment.
  • Western-style Restaurant – 166% over a period of time with 10 mil BTT investment.
  • Cinema – 238% over 60 days with 12 mil BTT investment.
  • Instrument Processing Plant – 307% over a period of time with 13 mil BTT investment.
  • Playground  – 316% over a period of time with 14.8 mil BTT investment.
  • High-end Western Style Restaurant – 238% over a period of time with 15 mil BTT investment.
  • Michelin-starred Western-style Restaurant – 325% over a period of time with 20 mil BTT investment.
  • Supermarket – 340% over a period of time with 25 mil BTT investment.
  • Major Film Studio – 325% over 90 days with 25 mil BTT investment.
  • Equipment Manufacturing Plant – 400% over a period of time with 28 mil BTT investment.
  • Community Hospital – 400% over a period of time with 29.8 mil BTT investment.
  • Video Game Studio – 325% over 90 days with 30 mil BTT investment.
  • Vocational Training School – 412% over 120 days with 32.8 mil BTT investment.
  • Amusement Park – 412% over 120 days with 36 mil BTT investment.
  • Private University – 460% over 120 days with 45.8 mil BTT investment.
  • Listed Video Game Company – 520% over 150 days with 68 mil BTT investment.
  • Transnational Scientific Research Center – 676% over 180 days with 198.8 mil BTT investment.

From what’s offered by this crypto-mining game, it’s obvious that this is nothing more than a repackaged High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). 

Making Money With BTTycoon

Besides making money through the investment packages, members can also generate earnings by participating in its MLM program. BTTycoon operates on a unilevel MLM structure. 

By signing up for the program, you’re automatically ranked as the Ordinary Headhunter. This position qualifies you for 5% of commission on the first level of downlines, 3% and 2% for level 2 and 3 respectively.

There are a total of 3 ranks in BTTycoon’s MLM hierarchy. 

When you’ve generated 20 investment contracts on your immediate downlines, or 50 on the first 3 levels, you’re ranked as a Senior Headhunter. A Senior Headhunter earns 5% on level 1 downlines, 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3 and 1 % for level 4 to 10. 

To qualify as an Expert Headhunter, which is the highest rank, the member would have to generate 50 investment contracts from its immediate recrutits, or 100 contracts from the first level of downlines.

The Expert Headhunter enjoys  5% on level 1 downlines, 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3 and 1 % for level 4 to  20. 

What I Like About BTTycoon

Nothing. Because it is both an investment fraud and a Ponzi scheme together. It’s nothing but another crypto scam like GoldenFarm and CyberChain.

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Things I Dislike

1. Unknown Owner

You’re going to invest an a sum of money and you’ll expect a return in a certain period. Yet, you don’t know who’s handling your investment. 

With details like ownership being hidden, I wouldn’t bet on the BTTycoon being legitimate investment opportunity.

There isn’t any legal document that proves BTTycoon is regulated in any country. As such your investment will be at risk.

2. Non-secure website

The mobile website of BTTycoon is running on a non-secure HTTP protocol. It means that information sent from your browser to BTTycoon’s webserver is not encrypted.

Websites that involve financial services or investment should run on HTTPS. That’s the basic protection against hackers spying on user information.

3. Guaranteed Return

You’ll want to be on your toes on any investment opportunities that guarantee a return. Check out BTTycoon’s list of investment packages, which promises a certain percentage of return.

Real life investment, be it in crypto or conventional commodities, all come at a risk. Any programs that imply that returns are guaranteed is likely to be a scam. 

4. No Read Products

BTTycoon does not offer products of any commercial value. Its ‘investment’ packages are nothing but a farce.

Is BTTycoon A Scam?

It’s quite easy to conclude that BTTycoon is both an investment fraud and a Ponzi scheme.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed return. The only way for that to happen is to pay the returns from the investment fees from new members.

Members are tricked into believing hat the earnings are profit from whatever activities BTTycoon claims it is involved. The truth points to otherwise.

By using fees from new recruits to as a ‘return’, BTTycoon is setup as a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme is unsustainable, as it will have difficulty paying the promised returns when recruitment declines.

Ultimately, members who have deposited huge sums of money will find it impossible to withdraw the earnings projected in their accounts.

That’s how Ponzi scheme start to crumble.

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Consider A Better Way Of Making Money Online

It’s a mistake to assume that the making money online means quick, guaranteed results. That’s how many people fall for scams and why Ponzi schemes popping up in numbers.

Some people are aware of what they’re getting into, but believe that if they could withdraw their earnings in time, they’ll be safe.

I made the same mistake and lost all my investment in a similar HYIP scheme years ago.

Since then, I’ve never dabbled in programs like BTTycoon ever again. Instead, I’m committed to building sustainable, legit ways of making online passive income.

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