The reason you’re reading this is because you’ve come across Golden Farm and are wondering whether it’s as legit as it claims to be. The game looks innocent enough—it’s about raising cute, egg-laying birds that can potentially make you money.

Sounds odd, right? Here was my initial thought: how in the world does playing a game make you money without sponsors or a large esports scene?

So, is Golden Farm a scam, as countless people claim it is? Or can you make decent money by virtually doing nothing? By the end of this review, you’ll find out why you should not invest a single penny into Golden Farm.

What is Golden Farm?

  • Name: Golden Farm
  • Website:,
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Cost: Free to Join; ₽1.00 to Play
  • Rating: 1/10

Golden Farm is an online game where users raise birds that lay eggs over time. You can purchase more birds that will, in return, lay more eggs as time passes, which you can convert into silver coins, the in-game currency.

The website’s details are written in pretty bad English, but I can’t blame the company for that too much since it appears to originally come from Russia. What I can say is that if the company has paid out over $3 million as its home page claims it has, then maybe they could have hired a professional translator already.

Anyway, there’s not a lot of info on the company, who the game developers are, and who even founded the company. All of these are pretty huge warning signs, but I’ll get into that later on.

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What Does Golden Farm Have to Offer?

The game. That’s it. After you register, which is free, you can start raising birds—i.e., wait around and let time pass—who will then lay eggs. The company offers nothing else. You sign up and play, then somehow make money.

What Does it Cost to join Golden Farm?

To play Golden Farm, you have to register with the website, which is completely free. After that, you will receive a green bird—the lowliest type of bird available in the game—along with 300 silver coins as a signup bonus. Pretty generous of them, eh?

If you want more birds, you’ll have to spend silver coins to purchase them. You can buy silver coins by spending at least ₽1 (about US$0.013), or you can naturally obtain silver coins by waiting until your bird lays eggs. For every ruble you give the company, you will get 100 silver coins.

Different bird species have different productivity rates. Here’s a quick rundown of every bird species’ cost and egg-laying productivity.

  • Green Bird 150 Silver Coins – 5 per hour
  • Yellow Bird 1500 Silver Coins – 55 per hour
  • Brown Bird 7500 Silver Coins – 277 per hour
  • Blue Bird 37500 Silver Coins – 1430 per hour
  • Red Bird 150000 Silver Coins – 7230 per hour
  • King Bird 375000 Silver Coins – 21925 per hour
  • Unknown Species (must have at least 1 Red Bird) that “produce[s] money directly to your wallet”

It’s a kind of pay-to-play scheme (nothing new in the gaming world, to be honest) where buying coins with IRL money will allow you to make more money in less time.

How Do You Make Money with Golden Farm?

Remember how you can purchase silver coins with real-life money? Well, you can supposedly sell those coins back to the company. To get coins, you need to sell the eggs (100 eggs = 1 silver coin).

The psychology behind this game is that the more birds you have, the more eggs they lay, and the more silver coins you get. Logically, you would want to fork over more cash to raise more egg-laying birds and make a quicker return on your investment.

Here’s the “fascinating” thing about Golden Farm: the buying and selling rate of silver coins is 1:1. So, you buy 100 coins for ₽1, you can sell 100 coins for ₽1.

However! Every time you sell your eggs, 70% of that goes into your wallet, while the remaining 30% gets transferred to a retirement account. Not much info is provided about the retirement account, so for all intents and purposes, it’s safer to assume that 30% goes to the company.

That’s not all! Golden Farm also has a partner system where your downline can make you a bit more money. The more people you bring in through your referral link or by clicking on a banner on your website/blog/social media page, the more you can make. Here’s what you can get by bringing in new members to Golden Farm:

  • Every replenishment (purchase of silver coins with IRL money) by referral of 1st level – 15% goes to you
  • Every replenishment by referral of 2nd level – 10% goes to you
  • Every replenishment by referral of 3rd level – 5% goes to you
  • Every replenishment by referral of 4th level – 5% goes to you
  • Every unique registration (different IP address) – 250 Silver Coins go to you

Also, you absolutely have to bring in new members in order to be eligible to withdraw your money from your egg-laying operation.

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Things I Like About Golden Farm

So here are a couple of things I like about Golden Farm.

1. You can really make money (according to users)

By user reports, you can really make money through this ridiculous, simplistic, poorly designed egg-laying game. Who knew?

2. 24/7 Support

Golden Farm supposedly offers 24/7 support to all registered members. They can help with anything regarding how to “play” the game and how to withdraw funds.

Things I Dislike About Golden Farm

The following reasons are why Golden Farm sucks.

1. Hard time withdrawing funds

You need X number of referrals in order to withdraw your funds. The FAQ section doesn’t forewarn users about that, and only after registering and attempting to withdraw funds will you receive any warning.

2. The game is boring as hell

If you’re hoping to get some excitement out of this game, don’t hold your breath. It’s literally a waiting game where birds lay a certain amount of eggs.

3. No information on the founders

Where did they come from, where did they go? Nobody knows. Not even the Golden Farm website shows. That blows.

4. Business model makes no sense

What happens when no new users join this ridiculous game? Then the newest members can’t convert their coins into real money (must have referrals to withdraw).

5. Slow support response times

Some users report that it can take days before a member of the support team gets back to you. You need to submit a ticket and wait around. Your Green Bird will probably have laid 1,000 eggs before hearing back from “management.”

Verdict: Golden Farm Is a Ponzi Scheme

Yes, you can make money through Golden Farm, in the way the initial wave of investors can make money through a Ponzi Scheme. You need to jump through hoops to become eligible to take your money out of the game, and when the pool of new users dries up, so will all of the money you invested into this dumb game.

Golden Farm may seem profitable, but you’ll have difficulty withdrawing money when it has a problem getting new members to join. It’s how other Ponzis like Forsage and Mind Capital operate.

Look, I’m all about making money online, but is laying digital eggs in exchange for digital money, which then can be converted into real money (terms and conditions apply) the right way to do it? Not by a long shot, especially when you can become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is nothing like MLM or a Ponzi scheme. By promoting a company’s products on your blog or social media, you can earn rewards in the form of cold hard cash from said company for every sale you helped create. If you have time to write to promote products, you can make some pretty decent money online. Forget Golden Farm!