What Is The AZ Millionaire Method? (Scam Or Legit)

Can you realize your dream of becoming a millionaire within a year simply by being an Amazon affiliate? That seems to be the promise of the AZ Millionaire Method. A get-rich-quick dream for anyone who’s seeking the easy way out of the rat race.

So, what is the AZ Millionaire Method? Is it a legit online money making opportunity that you will miss out big time, just because you didn’t spend $37 on it?

In this AZ Millionaire Method review, I’m going to expose what a scam this program is, and by the end of this page, I will share with you the program that I’m actually using to generate a consistent passive income from Amazon.

Note that I didn’t mention millionaire. Not because it isn’t possible, but it is not going to happen within 12 months. Earning with the Amazon affiliate program is possible, but you’ll need to put in the hard work.

What Is AZ Millionaire Method?

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

From the 15 minutes video, it is clear that the program is about generating online passive income by being an Amazon affiliate. The program claims that it is possible to make your first million after paying for the exclusive secret method used by the owner.

  • Name: AZ Millionaire Method
  • Owner: Ryan Ford
  • Website:  azmillionairemethod.com
  • Price: $37 (with multiple upsells)
  • OutrankLab Rating: 1/10

Throughout the video, you’re lead to believe that making money with Amazon is easy. All that you need is an access to the AZ Millionaire Method and you’ll just need to spend 10 minutes a day to start raking in the riches.

The program is offered by Ryan Ford, a name which I believe is fake. Nevertheless, the owner cleverly includes a story of how a car crash affected his career as a security guard and placed him into a financially difficult situation.

Then, a long-lost friend miraculously sends an email with the AZ Millionaire Method to the owner and he hits the financial jackpot literally.

Well, someone did get involved in a car crash but I highly doubt it was Ryan Ford. I will get to the bottom of this later.

You’re also bombarded with misleading sales report that indicates the owner is making $20K+ in 7 days from Amazon. Also, the video uses live testimonials hoping to convince you that other users are making fantastic results with the AZ Millionaire Method.

All these are nothing but fakeries.

How The AZ Millionaire Method Works?

Despite an articulate and clear presentation, the video does not mention how the AZ Millionaire Method works. All you get to know is that you need to be an affiliate with Amazon and the system will take care of everything else.

It even goes to claim that registering as an affiliate for Amazon or Amazon Associates is difficult and involves confusing step. No, it isn’t. It is incredibly easy to sign up with Amazon as an affiliate. The hard part is making the earnings from affiliate sales if you’re a total newbie.

Anyway, you’re expected to part with $37 to get full access to the AZ Millionaire Method. When you’ve done that, you’re also promoted with a couple of upsells which may rip you off a further $374.

After completing the transaction, you’re finally brought to the great secret of making yourself millions with Amazon and it’s in the form of a PDF e-book.

That’s right.

That PDF e-book will guide you through the ins and outs of Amazon and how to possibly generate earning from it. Those are the same information that you can get from the internet for FREE, and often written by accomplished Amazon niche marketers.

And after you pay for the eBook, you’re no closer into becoming a millionaire in 12 months. If it’s that easy, everyone would have been a millionaire just by reading eBooks.

Red Flags Spotted On The AZ Millionaire Method

I’m not stopping you if you’re going to pay $37 for the information you can easily get for free elsewhere. But I hope to prevent you from getting scammed by drawing you to these red flags that are visible all over the video.

1. Fake Testimonials

Most scams are fond of using paid actors for providing live testimonials. Just because a person is sitting next to next to a screen with Amazon’s website, doesn’t mean he’s making millions out of it.

Remember this guy from the start of the video?

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

He claimed to have made a million dollar in 12 months thanks to one particular website. Now, I’m not sure what is the amount of money he has made but what I’m sure is that he’s a professional video spokesperson you can hire at Fiverr.

Just check out his gigs below.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

Also, this lady who hits $1 million in 48 weeks? Guess where I found her again?


What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

She’s a highly sought-after freelance spokesperson on Fiverr. But I would seriously advice changing the background and clothes to avoid being easily spotted.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

So, stop believing what’s being said in these ‘live testimonials” because they are as fake as the person saying them.

2. There Is No Ryan Ford

I mean, there are lots of Ryan Fords in the world but the Ryan Ford behind the AZ Millionaire Method is non-existence. Like most similarly-crafted scams, it is a fake persona created to promote this program.

You’ll also be wondering about the story of how he was involved in a car crashed and he lost the capability to support his family financially. It is an emotion-invoking story and the visual of a car wreck made it seems believable.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

But after noting how the program uses fake actors for testimonials, I suspected that this image was borrowed elsewhere to aid this scheme. A simple reverse image search brought me to this.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

Someone definitely got hurt from this photo submitted to Shutterstock. But I doubt it has anything to do with the AZ Millionaire Method or Ryan Ford. Nevertheless, this begs question to the legitimacy of this program.

3. Misleading Amazon Earnings

You’ll find that the same report is used repetitively throughout the video.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

It sure looks different than the Amazon report that I’m used to viewing. Here’s a screenshot of a typical Amazon earnings report as an affiliate from a mobile phone.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

You’ll also notice how the owner claimed that he made $20,602.78 in the first week. Here’s the problem. There was no proof that the earning was generated in a matter of 7 days. All that you get on the screenshot is a summary of how much has been sold for the past 7 days.

Also, in Amazon earning reports, figures listed as ordered product sales or revenue are not the actual profit. It indicates the total value of the product sold through your affiliate link. Amazon uses the term ‘earning’ to reflect the commission made by the affiliates.

The actual earning depends on the commission rate for each individual product and it ranges between 1-10%. Using an average of 5%, the owner is making $1030.14 in a period of 7 days. It is an achievable figure but requires your effort. Also, making $1K per week doesn’t bring you anywhere close to being a millionaire in 12 months.

Is The AZ Millionaire Method A Scam?

If the owner has advertised that what lies behind the $37 payment is a generic eBook on Amazon, I would have passed this program as legit.

However, AZ Millionaire Method is marketed as a get-rich-quick strategy that leverages on Amazon Associates to make your first million within 12 months. It is an unrealistic promise that the owner knows is not possible.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find that the disclaimer that states results shown are not guaranteed for the average person.

Now, I’m an average person and I don’t bet my chance against this program.

I’m not saying that you can’t be a millionaire by promoting Amazon products as an affiliate. What I’m implying is that you need more than an eBook to do that.

Throughout the 15 minutes, I have seen nothing but a poorly designed scam hoping to trick unsuspecting users into buying a promise that can never be delivered.

It doesn’t matter if you get an eBook for $37 or for $7. AZ Millionaire is a downright scam for me.

Can You Generate Online Passive Income With Amazon?

I’ve always stressed that the best scams are built on half-truths. What’s factually correct in the video is that you can generate online passive income as an Amazon affiliate. In fact, I personally recommend affiliate marketing newbies to promote Amazon products as it is one of the fastest ways to get results.

Again, there is no short cut to success in affiliate marketing, Amazon or not. Don’t expect an autopilot system to make money for you because that wouldn’t happen in reality.

I started my affiliate marketing career in 2016. Like you, I would have easily been tricked by the AZ Millionaire Method. However, I’m fortunate enough to end up in a legitimate affiliate marketing program that taught me how to build affiliate marketing websites and generate real online passive income.

Was it easy?


Do I become a millionaire by the 12th months?

Far from it.

But it taught me the skills and know-how to build profitable websites that will pay for my bills and more. And if you’re willing to go further than anyone, you can gradually build your income to 7 figures a year.

That is possible with affiliate marketing and Amazon.

Final Thoughts

AZ Millionaire Method is a downright scam, hoping to take your hard-earned money way by playing on your hopes and emotion. You won’t get to be an online millionaire by reading an e-book, nor signing up as an Amazon associate.

To start generating a passive online income, you’ll need a structured course that has proven to work for hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers. You’ll want to receive guidance from program founders who exists.

Also, there’s nothing better than building a profitable website as you learn your way to be an affiliate marketer.

There is no need to spend $37 because signing up to the affiliate marketing training program that I’ve been a member since 2016 is free. You get unlimited access to all resources used by top affiliate marketers during the first 7 days.

Either way, stop falling for scams like AZ Millionaire Method as you can get the same info on the internet.

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