If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is. If you’ve been searching for ways to make a bit of scratch on the internet, you’ve probably come across an entity called Loan Tech. This company supposedly offers a guaranteed daily ROI for whatever money you put down.

The only things that are for certain in life are taxes, death, and trouble, so which of the three is Loan Tech involved in? Or, to put it another way: is Loan Tech a scam? Read our review to find out whether this online lending platform is as legit as it claims it is.

What Is Loan Tech?

  • Name: Loan Tech
  • Website: loantech.top
  • Founder: Chris Wright and his diligent team
  • Cost: $30 to $30,000
  • Rating: 1/10

Loan Tech is supposedly a lending platform that promises daily returns on the funds you put into the company. The funds you transfer to Loan Tech through your e-wallet (bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer) is lent out to OTC brokers and traders that will somehow net you a return on your investment.

According to Loan Tech’s corporate website, the lending platform was founded by Chris Wright, along with his “diligent” team, who has spent years researching and perfecting the company’s system. According to Chris’ Facebook page, Loan Tech has allegedly received over $150 million in loans from its affiliates, so the company must be doing something right, right?

What Does Loan Tech Have to Offer?

Loan Tech doesn’t really offer anything. If you look at the corporate website, you’ll see that there’s an app you can use to keep track of your investment and how much you’ve earned since, but you won’t find any details about products or anything of real value. However, as an online lending platform, you wouldn’t expect to.

What Does It Cost to Join Loan Tech?

To begin making money through Loan Tech, simply sign up through the company’s website and transfer a minimum of $30 to Loan Tech. You can send up to $30,000 as a single loan to the company, but you can have multiple active loans at once. Following Loan Tech’s system, the more money you put in, the more you’ll make.

How Do You Make Money with Loan Tech?

Here’s where your BS meter should be ringing like crazy. For every dollar you put into the company (starting at $30), you’ll make 3% of it back. So, imagine putting in $100 into a Loan Tech loan and making $3 back every day.

According to Loan Tech’s payment plan, you’ll break even on the 22nd day, after which you can make your first withdrawal. However, the kicker is that you can only withdraw up to 34% of the loan’s principal, and after that, you’ll make a 3% ROI of whatever’s left in your loan wallet. Best of all, every time you withdraw money from your loan wallet, you don’t have a pay a cut of your earnings to Loan Tech.

If you were doing the math earlier (22 × 3% = 66% ≠ breaking even), the 34% disparity is made up through recruitment commissions. That’s right, Loan Tech relies on you, the participant, to go out and market their lucrative, one-of-a-kind, get-rich-quick scheme to unsuspecting investors.

Loan tech offers two different compensation plans for the hard-working, quick-talkers out there. The first is through referrals as follows:

  • 10% commission for referrals who put in $30 to $499
  • 12% commission for referrals who put in $500 to $2,999
  • 15% commission for referrals who put in $3,000 or more

Next are the rewards and bonuses that are paid out to those who work hardest at recruiting new members. Loan Tech will not reach out to you after you’ve met the requirements, so you need to actively contact a representative to upgrade your membership status. The status and perks are as follows:

  • Power Affiliate – 50 active referrals, an additional 3% commission per referral, and $100 flat bonus
  • Leader – 100 active referrals, additional 5% commission per referral, and $500 flat bonus
  • Every additional 100 active referrals earn you another $500 flat bonus

Things I Like About Loan Tech

Nothing at all. Let’s move on.

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Things I Dislike About Loan Tech

Find out why Loan Tech is the type of company you don’t want to dabble with.

1. Lack of Chris Wright’s online presence and mysterious team

You’d think that Chris Wright would have a bigger online presence, but if you Google his name, you’d only find info about him confirming that he’s a part of Loan Tech. Also, who are these mysterious team members who helped Chris develop such an astounding lending platform, and why do they remain hidden in the shadows?

2. Outrageous daily returns

How in the world can Chris guarantee a 3% daily return on your investment? Imagine putting down $30,000—the max you can put in a single loan packet—and making $900 without lifting doing a single thing. If you’re innocent enough to fall for this, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we want to sell you.

3. Mysterious OTC traders and brokers

If you ask any broker how big of a return they can guarantee their clients, if they give you any definitive figure, they’re lying. Nobody can guarantee anything, much less predict with “indefinite” accuracy that their investments are all winners.

4. No withdrawal commission

Now, this isn’t as outrageous as it may seem at first, especially if Loan Tech is making more than 10% of your money through their secretive trading system. Maybe they don’t need to take a cut from your earnings since they’re getting a lot more for themselves. Or—and this is just a theory—Loan Tech is full of crap.

5. Ponzi-esque

You, the affiliate, find new referrals to join the Loan Tech party who give the company more money. The cycle continues until it becomes unprofitable for the head honchos at the company to make any money back.

It’s still a relatively new company (website launched in Feb. 2020), so it won’t be much longer until Loan Tech becomes a lesson for everyone looking to make a quick buck through high-return schemes.

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Verdict: Loan Tech Is 100% a Scam!

Do we need to elaborate? Loan Tech is not a legit company. The corporate website looks professionally made, which seems to drive the point to innocent inventors that it knows what it’s doing, but you don’t even need to read between the lines to see that Loan Tech’s business model is unsustainable. The company will go kaput like every Ponzi scheme in the past.

It is no better than Auvovia Prime and Bizztrade.

Instead of handing over your money to Chris and his no-faced team, we highly suggest trying your hand at affiliate marketing. Basically, you, the affiliate, act as a bridge between customers and sellers, and for every sale you generate, you’re entitled to a cut of the profits.

There’s no scam here—the more you help sell, the more you make. Sure, there’s no 3% ROI guarantee, but the more effort you put into your affiliate marketing game, the more you can make. 

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