Welcome, everybody, to my review on BizzTrade.

You’re probably reading this because you’ve been invited to join BizzTrade by friend or relative and you’re looking to see if what they say is carries some weight or not. If this is the case, then good for you—after all, companies aren’t there to help the common man get rich off of making the right investment decisions without expecting anything.

So, is BizzTrade a scam? Or is it the real deal?

In this review, we’re going to see what BizzTrade is all about, how it started, and how it’ll most likely end.

What Is BizzTrade?

  • Name:  BizzTrade
  • Founder: Rehan Gohar, Rizwan Gohar (brothers) and Gurpreet Dhaliwal.
  • Website: bizztrade.com
  • Cost:  From €50
  • Price: Rating: 1/10

It didn’t take very much time and effort to learn about BizzTrade and how it operates. Here is an important lesson for everyone: everything can be found online.

BizzTrade is a multi-level marketing (MLM) that offers online training services to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to become master forex traders. However, following typical MLM fashion, BizzTrade also has a recruitment and bonus/rewards systems for those who join as an affiliate and recruit new members into the BizzTrade family.

BizzTrade, originally BizzTrek, was established by a Mr. Gupreet Dhaliwal along with brothers Mr. Rehan and Mr. Rizwan Gohar. BizzTrek, a UK-based company, officially launched in early-2019, but due to a steep decline in business, the team decided relaunch the company under the name BizzTrade.

Earlier this year, the company decided to get into the crypto game by minting BizzCoin, listed as BIZZ. As of the date this review was written, BIZZ is trading at a $0.78 with a total volume of $293,400.

What Does BizzTrade Offer?

BizzTrade offers online training courses dubbed BizzEd, BizzLive, BizzTube, and BizzCareer.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each of these services offers:

·         BizzEd

A forex mastery course that offers tailored courses to entrepreneurs. These interactive courses are offered in “bite-size” portions for beginner, intermedia, and expert-level traders.

·         BizzLive

Teaches entrepreneurs how to develop an understanding of the market through live sessions with successful and brilliant business minds.

·         BizzTube (coming soon)

A video library that lets entrepreneurs learn at their own pace. No information is offered as to what sort of lessons are taught in these videos.

·         BizzCareer (coming soon)

Teaches fresh graduates and expert businesspeople how to become master traders. BizzCareer will supposedly provide extensive support to its members, along with daily webinars.

BizzTrade does not offer any tangible products, but instead, they push their agenda by introducing BizzCoin in an attempt to popularize this low-value cryptocurrency.

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What Does It Cost to Join BizzTrade?

BizzTrade offers several signup packages to choose from. By signing up, you will be redirected to the BizzCoin website. However much you spend on one of their paid packages will go into your BIZZ wallet.

BizzTrade also offers a free signup deal where you don’t need to pay a cent but won’t receive any BIZZ upon registration. Plus, you have no rights to any commissions you would otherwise earn from recruiting new members.

How Do You Make Money with BizzTrade?

There are several ways to earn money with BizzTrade. You can find their descriptions down below.

·         Direct Income

Every BizzTrade package that is sold through your referral link will earn you a 10% commission.

·         Team Bonus

You can receive up to 9% commissions, depending on your own package, from the total sale volume from the smaller of your teams. To qualify, you need to recruit at least two people as your left and right leg.

·         Matching Bonus

You are entitled to receive a 2% commission from the Team Bonus up to the fifth generation. You need to be a Trader or a Bizz Trader (fourth and third most expensive packages, respectively) to quality.

·         Renewal Bonus

When a team member renews their package or purchases a separate package, you can receive a Direct Bonus from that purchase.

·         Ranks & Rewards

BizzTrade has created a point system which it uses to keep track of the Ranks & Rewards each of their members can earn.

Every €50 matching pair between the left and right legs will generate one point. If sales are uneven between legs, then only the matched value will be converted into coins, unless at least 10% of the entire pot’s value is comprised from your direct referrals. In this case, you will become eligible to receive the entire pot’s value in points.

·         Escrow Reward

Similar to a saving’s account with a bank, if you deposit a certain amount of money into your BIZZ wallet, you will receive up to 20% of that value after 365 days. The total amount of earnings generated depends on the conversion rate on its maturity date.

·         Passive Income

After your account has matured to 52 weeks, you automatically qualify to receive a passive income through BizzTrade’s sytem. You’re eligible to receive up to 10% of your initial investment, depending on which package deal you purchased. Payouts are given in the form of BIZZ.

What I Like About BizzTrade (Pros)

After spending quite a bit of time learning the ins and outs of BizzTrade, as well as listening to what the top leaders and current members have to say about the organization, here’s what I think are it’s upsides.

 ·         Absolutely nothing

What I Dislike About BizzTrade(Cons)

After that extensive explanation of the pros, here’s what I really think about BizzTrade.

1. Controversial background

The founders originally called the business BizzTrek and offered the same exact forex mastery classes and identical pyramid scheme back in early-2019. However, the company only lasted for about four months before failing miserably.

Instead of burying the company for good, the founders decided to relaunch the company under the name BizzTrade. After entering the cryptocurrency game by issuing their own nearly-valueless crypto, BIZZ, BizzTrade has experienced relative success.

However, seeing as how the company is still an MLM at heart, and its forex courses hardly offer any value in crypto, it’s pretty clear that BizzTrade is still trying to find itself.

2. No real products/services to sell

BizzTrade offers no retailable goods, nor are its services even that valuable to begin with. The only meaningful way to make money through BizzTrade is by recruiting new members. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Ponzi Scheme.

3. Complaints on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a review website where users are free to talk about their experiences when dealing with companies, either as an insider or out.

As you can see from this screenshot, BizzTrade has a pretty horrendous rating. This is unsurprising since many people will be quick to identify the smell of Ponzi emanating from its business.

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Verdict: Typical Ponzi Scheme that’s Doomed to Fail

It isn’t worth chipping into BizzTrade. Like Auvovia Prime and Mind Capital, it is leveraging the popularity of cryptocurrency and Forex to lure unsuspecting members.

The only way to make money with BizzTrade is through recruiting new members. Red Flag #1.

Any profits you earn from trading BIZZ is negligible. Red Flag #2.

Ponzi Schemes have a lifespan of around two years. If you’re just getting in now at BizzTrade’s half-year mark, you have roughly 18 months to make some money back, probably not your entire investment. Red Flag #3 and #4.

Stay the hell away from BizzTrade. You don’t want to be one of those people who talks about losing money through scammy shenanigans.

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