How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's ImportantWhy bother getting organic traffic from Google, when you can have a blast of traffic from social media like Facebook from its 1.79 billion monthly active users. The fact is, organic reach within Facebook has been ever decreasing as more it registers more users every single day.

To keep it simple, each time you hit the post button on Facebook, it will not appear to on the feed of each individual that follows your Page, or Group.

But here’s another valid reason why you want to get organic traffic from search engines like Google if you are planning to turn your business website into a passive lead generator.

You want to help potential consumers to make purchasing decisions.

People are seldom on the verge of making a purchase when they are on Facebook. Instead, they want to socialize, interact and have fun.

Feel free to disagree here but if you are a Facebook user,  you’ll see what I’m getting at by recalling the last post that you shared or liked.

Most people are just not in their “buying” mindset when they are on Facebook. Advertising your page that screams “Buy Me” on Facebook and hoping for conversion often lead to unsatisfactory results.

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I’m not saying that you should stop promoting your content on Facebook. In fact, you should continue to offer interesting and informational content to your audience on Facebook

What I’m saying is that most people look up on Google before they actually decided to buy something.

Are you following me?

And when you offer helpful contents to people in their decision-making stage, you gain trust, authority and potentially sales in whatever products or services you are promoting through your website.

How to get organic traffic from Google, especially when your website is brand new?

The short answer is you have to get ranked high on Google. Preferably on the first two pages of the search results.

The reality is, you will be staring at little to no organic traffic in the first 6 months. And the situation could continue unless you get some of your contents in the top 2 pages of Google search results.

If you’re hoping for it to happen overnight, you’ll be in for a disappointment, or fall for the various scams that promise to get you there in no time

But you could start doing these steps (if you haven’t already), and I promise that you would soon see organic traffic to your blog.

1. Get your website or blog indexed by Google

You want to let Google know the presence of your website as soon as it’s created. Google has a crawler mechanism that searches through the web and collects information on pages and documents on a blog like yours.

Google normally index your site automatically, but sometimes it could take up to weeks and months before your website appears on the search result.

Here’s what you can do to make the process faster.

1. Make sure you have some contents on your website or blog. Create an About, Services, Product page, and a couple of blog posts. This may not be necessary at times but it definitely helps.


2. Install Google Analytics for your website. If you’re running on WordPress, you may want to download Google Analytics By Monster Insights to connect your website to Google Analytics.

3. Submit your sitemap to Google via Google Search console. Here’s a good article on ShoutMeLoud on how to do that.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important

And finally, verify that your website is indexed. You don’t have to go to a third party website to do that because you’ll probably be told that your site is NOT indexed and lead into buying some services that you probably don’t need.

Simply type in “site: [url]”  ( example “”) on Google and hit “enter“.

If your site is indexed, you should see your pages on the search engine. How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important

2. Focus On Your Niche

Every business will have a niche or target audience. Focus on developing contents that relate to keywords pertaining to the target audience.

Why? Because Google analyzes the overall content of your website to determine what your site is all about and how relevant it is when the user searches something related.

It is not uncommon that websites or blog gain no traction in ranking, because of untargeted content strategy. It’s also logical that it is easier to build a following on your website if you put focus in mind.

If your business is about selling baby products, you’ll want to stay strictly to that and not blogging about women’s fashion or best pizza in town.

Stay focus on your niche and you won’t confuse your buyers and Google.

3. Do Keyword Research

While keyword stuffing is sure to get your page (if not your entire site) penalized, selecting the relevant keyword that actually has a decent amount of monthly search traffic is equally important.

Some contents do miserably in search results, even when the competitors are lacking. That’s because they neglect to perform proper keyword research prior to developing their content.

You’ll want to avoid short keywords like “SEO” or “marketing” because they are way too much competition and dominated by sites that have been around for years if not decades.

Long tail keywords are what you want to focus on. Because they have lesser competitions and they are what people type in the search engine when they are looking for when they are in the purchase cycle.

But how do you even know which are the keywords that will bring you adequate traffic while not overly competitive?

Here’s what you can do for a start without any cost,

1. Use the keyword planner tool in Google Adwords to get the estimated monthly searches.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important

2. Check out the number of competitors by searching “How To Get Organic Traffic” (with the “”) in Google. This will get you the Quoted Search Result. Scroll to the last result pages, and you’ll get the number of competing pages as follow

How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important

Or you can save all the time and trouble by using a tool like Jaaxy.

4. Publish Quality Content Consistently

Nothing bores your buyer off than a typical, me-too content or one that is conveyed in cold corporate tones.

Be unique with your content. Let it convey the value and style of your business. Your content is the perfect tool for your business to gain trust and establish authority.


You’ll want to think like in-depth how to articles and lists that are better than your competitors. Or interviews with fellow experts in your industry.

A highly visual infographic will help in capturing your buyer’s attention, so does creative videos that invoke their emotion.

Just be aware that maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is important to maintaining engagement with your audience.

And publishing regularly does help in increasing your Google ranking and traffic.

5. Promote Your Content.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important“Build and they will come?”

Close to 2 million of blog posts are published a day. And if you narrow it down to those specified in your industry, it’s still a huge amount.

You need to spend 80% of your time promoting your contents and 20% in producing them. There is absolutely no point of writing up hundreds of posts when you can’t get anyone to read them.

So start sharing your post and engage your audience on social media, Quora, and forums but to adhere to the rules of the respective platform. Social engagement is an important analytics for your search engine ranking.

Done right, it will boost your chances of climbing the Google rank.

6. Work On (On Page) SEO.

If you are not familiar with SEO, you probably thought that SEO involves tinkering on PHP codes and scripts. Well, that probably happens a decade or two ago, but implementing SEO is pretty easy when you have plugins like Yoast SEO for WordPress.

It gives you an indication on how you could improve the SEO on your post.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Why It's Important

But here’s the thing, you don’t want to over-perfect the SEO for your content, especially when it comes to the keyword. Make sure that you are writing for human instead of a search engine.

7. Keep Google Happy

Since a major algorithm upgrade in the search engine in 2011, you can’t just expect to buy backlinks from suspicious sources and expect to rank high on Google.

It is a risky practice. In fact, you are caught by Google (which you eventually will), you’ll find your page being penalized or in more severe cases, your whole website being deindexed and removed from the search engine itself.

So, stay away from BlackHat SEO.

If you want to build quality backlinks, ensure that your website is properly built and have link-worthy content. You’ll gain authoritative backlinks easier.

Google want good quality content published consistently. And if you’re able to do that and follow the guides above, you’ll soon build tractions on your ranking and organic traffic.

Disobey Google and you’ll find your site being penalized or blacklisted. Some sites never recovered from the penalty. It’s too risky to throw away all the hard work that you’ve put on.

If you find this article helpful for your website, share it so that it helps others too. Feel free to drop a message if you need to know more on how to get organic traffic from Google to your website.