Welcome, everyone, to my review of Prosperity Income Network.

If you’re reading this website, you were probably invited to join PIN recently by a long-lost high school friend, or you’re looking for quick ways to earn money online. Either way, you’ll want to see what I have to say on the matter.

Is Prosperity Income Network a scam? I’ll address this million-dollar question in this review. Hopefully, you come out a smarter investor after reading this review from start to finish.

What Is Prosperity Income Network?

  • Name: Prosperity Income Network
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Website: prosperityincomenetwork.com
  • Cost: From $500 + $97 Admin Fee
  • Rating: 1/10

After opening PIN’s corporate website, there’s aren’t very many details about what the company is and what it’s all about. You’ll have to watch a 13-minute video to learn the ins and outs of the company. To save you 13 minutes of your life, allow me to sum up the video’s most important points. 

According to the video, PIN has nothing to do with MLM (more on this in a bit), network marketing, or cash gifting, so that’s a pretty huge plus. Instead, what the company offers is a “business in a box” opportunity that shows you how you can earn thousands of dollars weekly.

In a nutshell, PIN is a service-providing company that coaches its members how they can become successful in business. They offer a wide range of video courses taught by experts in multiple fields to help you boost your business. No preview courses here; you have to pay upfront to play. 

What Does Prosperity Income Network Offer?

PIN doesn’t offer goods of value but instead has a number of different online marketing courses that allegedly helps its members establish a significant social media presence.

Some of their digital marketing courses include list building, split testing, paid traffic training, media buying, YouTube/Pinterest marketing, and product creation. Basically, you can learn the same things that PIN offers for a premium price through taking master courses online at a fraction of the cost.

What Does It Cost to Join Prosperity Income Network?

Speaking of cost, joining PIN is not a cheap decision. To join the PIN family, you’ll have to pay at least $500 plus an additional $97 admin fee (whatever that means). Their most premium package deal costs an astronomical $25,000 with a $997 admin fee.

The perks of joining PIN depends on how much money you spent. As a starter, you’re entitled to a whopping 70% in commissions, while an executive elite enrollee can earn up to 80%!

70% and 80% of what, you ask? Why, by selling membership packages to new recruits. That doesn’t sound MLM-ish at all, right?

How Do You Make Money with Prosperity Income Network?

Because there’s no product to sell, and because you’re not an expert teacher who records and releases training courses online, your job is to find new recruits! The 70% to 80% commission you’re entitled to comes from the membership fees paid by your new recruits!

The amount you can make is based on the package that your new recruits purchase and is capped by how much you spent initially. 

For instance, if you purchase the starter package for $500 and sell an exclusive elite membership for $25,000, you can only earn up to $350 in commissions. That means you’ll need to spend a lot in the beginning to obtain the greatest earning potential with PIN.

This system is nothing new! You can find many MLM companies employing this exact commission-ceiling game when they need to give payouts to their members.

However, the one difference between PIN and other recruit-for-commission MLMs is that PIN sends you your commission in the form of a check, not through digital payouts. So that’s the very slight silver lining when working for PIN.

In every other way, this company is straight-up garbage. 

What I Like About Prosperity Income Network (Pros)

Following my previous point, being a straight-up-garbage of a company, there’s absolutely nothing I like about this company. It’s rotten to the core! 

What I Dislike About Prosperity Income Network (Cons)

Here are several reasons why PIN straight-up sucks. 

1. Who’s the founder?

The company does not list anybody as its founder! I’m supposed to believe that this mysterious online training company will teach me how to potentially make millions from my business without telling me who’s in charge of its operations.

2. Who’s teaching?

Furthermore, without paying upfront for a membership, I can’t tell who’s leading the digital classes! So basically, I’m supposed to trust this no-faced entrepreneur that he has my best interests in his heart by promising me AFTER I pay him at least $500 that business experts will teach me how to become successful.

3. Make money through recruiting

Here’s where you can immediately tell that it’s a scam. PIN offers no goods, just vague services and promises that you can make money. Even though they claim that they’ll teach you how to become a successful businessperson, the only way you can actually make money is by recruiting suckers into this sucker-filled business! It’s a freakin’ Ponzi scheme!

4. Expensive

Let me end on a note that hopefully everyone can relate with. PIN’s membership fees, even the cheapest package, is expensive. On top of that, they throw in an admin fee, just because! They’re obviously not paying to upkeep the website, so what admins are they talking about? 

Verdict: It’s A SCAM!

It goes without saying that I think Prosperity Income Network is a scam—a Ponzi scheme to be more precise. Either the company is on the verge of collapse or hasn’t raked in enough money to stay afloat for very long. Whatever the case, you should avoid it at all costs. Tell whoever wants to recruit you into this scam to suck it.

Look, I’m all for making money online, whether you want to make it a full-time job or a side-hustle to earn some extra cash. But why put your efforts into a scam that’s bound to lose money? Instead, consider trying your hand at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing like MLM. You can find products you like online, offer meaningful reviews to your readers, and for every sale you helped create, you can earn a cut from the profits. No dealing with smooth-talking conmen; it’s a growing business that even not-so-social people can get into. Once you understand the intricacies of affiliate marketing, there’s serious cash to be made.

Besides, you can get started for FREE with this highly recommended program.